Oil Ocean

By: Aubrey & Chaz

How We Approached the Problem

We started by filling as much as we could in the shape by using parallelograms,trapezoids & triangles. We made sure that MOST of the oil was gone so that our wildlife could live the way they are supposed to not be harmed by the nature.

TOTAL AREA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our total area was a little low because we didn't fill our spill up all the way with the shapes. We should have been at 500 mi2 but we fell short at 358.5 mi2. Even though that was really low it was hard to fill the blank spaces up.

Should we be worried or NOT??

YES! We should be worried because in the coast there are a lot of animals that live there and they are being harmed by this tradgedy. The oil gets into there bodies & they could end up dying. Another reason why we should be worried is that the pipe with the oil in it broke so it causes the oil to keep running in to the ocean which floods it. This is a HORRIBLE DISASTER that you should DEFINITELY be worried about.


We do not think we got the exact measure because we left a lot of room which the shapes could have fit in. Our polygons were less accurate then the real oil spill because we could have fit smaller polygons in the oil spill.