Supporting Opportunity through International Education


Monday, Nov. 19th, 7:30am-2:45pm

44001 Garfield Road

Clinton Township, MI

Register at http://www.ibsom.org/

$150 per participant

7:30 am: Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:00 am: Breakout Sessions

11:15 am: Lunch

12:00 pm: Breakout Sessions

2:45 pm: Conclusion of Symposium

Breakout Sessions

The PYP: "From Principles to Practice."

  • The PYP world is all abuzz. Educators know the PYP has been timeless, trusted, and transformational. The recent review of the program has confirmed it will remain so, well into the future. With the release of the PYP enhancements, it’s now time for schools to dive into the new documents and resources. Join IB Educator, Chad Hyatt, in this specially-designed full day session designed to collaboratively inquire into the enhancements, reflect on current practices, and develop action plans for implementation of the enhanced PYP in our schools. Together, we can keep the PYP moving forward throughout Michigan and beyond.

MYP Interdisciplinary Unit Planning

  • Learn the process of of creating a MYP interdisciplinary unit. Nicole Cinader, French teacher, at the International Academy has designed this interactive and collaborative session where you will explore the guide, annotate ideas, and have time to work with your colleagues. You’ll also learn some interesting ways to utilize technology in the process. It is an ideal session to send at least 2 representatives from different subject areas to get inspired and motivated!

Promoting DP as “College-Readiness”: Understanding the role of DP in the college process

  • This interactive session is designed for DP coordinators, counselors and other staff closely related to the college guidance process for DP students. Sarah Fairman, IB Coordinator at the International Academy, will provide useful tools and information on how guide students and families through the college application process through the DP perspective. Activities will include “You Be the Admissions Panel”, looking at the “cost” of college credit and understanding why DP students are so attractive to colleges. Workshop time will also be provided for the sharing and creation of promotional materials for the DP program at your school.

The Theory of Knowledge a-ha!: For teachers and students

  • Kimberly Wilkes from Winter Park High School, Florida, has taught TOK for eight years and has examined for TOK for the last two years. She works closely with her fellow ToK teacher to develop lessons that will engage and enlighten students. Her school has a large DP program (108 students last year and 104 this year). Last year, 67% of their students earned an A or B in TOK

  • In this session Kim will share with you how TOK was transformed into an activity-based learning experience meant to lead students to epiphanies about their own knowledge or lack of knowledge. It will also help TOK instructors make sense of the requirements for intentional thinking: knowledge questions, definitions, counterclaims and implications, including an understanding of assessments.