Kristi's Korner

February 8, 2016

Quote of the Week

Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tomorrow.



Before reading on, I need you to make a promise to judging. If you cannot do this, you probably need to stop reading now. So at my house, we have a PBIS system going for Atticus. Now some of you might be tempted to say, "Well of course YOU do." Wait, you are the non-judgers so that is not going through any of your minds. This system actually did not originate with Eric or I. Atticus' school started using PBIS this year, and he decided it would be good to use at home. When I tell you he decided, he made the tickets, labeled them (AAT), drew up the rules which are: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe, and Be Caring. There is another chart that indicates what tickets can be traded in for. These include everything to sleeping in the guest bedroom to a trip to Five Below. Remember he was the impetus for this. He set the system up.

Well on Sunday morning, I got into a 30 minute lesson on the worth of tickets because he no longer liked the value of things. He was wanting items to be worth less. As Eric slept, I debated with my seven year old, teaching him how the system worked. After telling me that I just didn't get it, he finally got that was the way it was and probably just gave up. I thought, incorrectly, that I had successfully taught him and got the point across.

Then comes Monday morning as I am leaving for school, I heard him begin the same discussion with Eric. As I gleefully skipped out of the house, I wished him good luck.

The point of this story....learning is messy, complicated, time-consuming, and certainly other adjectives. If we can learn to embrace this mess, I think it can even be fun. I have heard a stat that says that it takes learning something seven times for it to stick. Remember that as your kids seems not to be grasping something. It just takes lots of mucky repetition. And sometimes, hearing it another I picked up Atticus from latchkey Monday evening, he informed me that he has it straight now. Apparently, he and Dad figured out how much each ticket is worth monetarily. We are good to go.

New and Notes

PLC's: K-2 on 2/10 and 3-5 on 2/11

Mid-Quarters: Go home Friday, 2/12. Please have into my mailbox in front office by 8:30 2/11.

Buddy Day: Coming up on 2/29. Anybody have a good idea for a theme? Looking for ideas.

Winter Warm-Up: Staff luncheon on 2/29...soup and sandwiches. Look for sign-up sheet coming soon.

Smile of the Week

A fun story coming from our friends down under: