Weather: Hurricane Frenzy

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What are Hurricanes?

Hurricanes are massive storms that form in the ocean with deadly winds and pounding rains.

Below are some effects hurricanes have on the enviornment

What Causes Hurricanes?

Geolgical, Weather, or Human

This catastrophe is caused by weather. Hot air forms circular patterns in the ocean causing heavy rains and forceful wind.

Human Effects

The effects of a hurricane on humans are destruction of homes, fatalities, and relocation of humans.

Staying safe in a hurricane

Make plans for what to do if there is a hurricane: Have a lot of non perishable foods available,Leave low lying areas, Know all evacuation routes, have a lot of batteries and flashlights available, If there is a call to evacuate, then leave immediately.

Common places for a hurricane

Some of the most common places for hurricanes are the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf Coast, and the Gulf of Mexico

Interesting facts about hurricanes

1: It is a hurricane after it reaches 74 miles per hour

2: 10,000 people each year die by a hurricane

3: A hurricane in 1900 hit Galveston Texas killed 8,000 people

Hurricane Fun Run

Sunday, Oct. 23rd, 8am

301 Interstate 27

Lubbock, TX

Hurri! Can(e) you donate? Come run this 5k with us to Donate and to build shelters for the people affected by Hurricane Mathew. Be at Mackenzie Park at 8:00am to help this great cause!
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