Celebrating YOU

BJHS Teacher Appreciation 2015

Good times at the Bob

We have had a fun week celebrating you with donuts, ice cream floats, and even honoring four special ladies who are retiring and will be greatly missed!

When you have a chance watch the short video clip from Shanna People, the 2015 National Teacher of the Year as she lifts up the importance of teachers in the lives of students.

As Mary watched the video, what caught her attention was the reference to Michelangelo sculpting, how he was able to see something in the marble, and call it forth from the marble. It reminded her of the Bob Jones teachers' ability to see potential in students and call it forth in all the amazing ways you interact with students.

The words that I love from this video are that teacher's "see the success inside each child" and it reminded me of the celebration Mrs. Anderson had this week. Many unknown breakthroughs occur with our students on a daily basis that encourage you as teachers to create a culture in your classrooms that allow the student's to feel safe and take risks.

In the next video, our students speak of the investments that you all have made in them. They recognize in all our individual ways that we care about them and we want them to be their very best! So, "remember your successes" and we appreciate and recognize your investment in each student!

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Shanna Peeples on the importance of teachers
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We love you!

BJHS Admin/Instructional Team