Cell Smore

By: Jordyn Garrett


I bet that you are wondering what cells are! Cells are, the smallest living things alive! We have millions of cells in our body (also known as the building blocks of life).

Cell Membrane!

The Cell Membrane is, a protective covering that encloses the entire cell (kinda protects the cell).
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The Cytoplasm is inside of the Cell Membrane most of the work for the cell is inside of the Cytoplasm.
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The Nucleus is, one of the most important parts of the cell, it is basically like the heart or the core of the cell.
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Cell Wall!

The cell wall is the tough outer covering that lies just on the outside of the cell membrane.
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The Mitochondria are the organelles that use oxygen to produce food or energy for the cell.
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These are inside of the plant cell only because the plant cell needs the sunlight to get energy for the cell and the reason that the animal cell doesn't have the Chloroplasts is because, the animal cell does NOT need sunlight it needs food.
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Are the RNA of the cell and has energy for the cell. Like the protein factory of the cell.
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Golgi Apparatus!

This is found in most Eukaryotic Cells and is a organelle inside of the cell.
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Eukaryotic Cells!

What the Eukaryotic cell does is, a cell with a nucleus and a cell with a nuclear membrane and organelles.
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Prokaryote Cells!

A single celled organism that lacks a membrane~bound nucleus, mitochondria, and all the other membrane bound organelles.

Examples: PRO rhymes with NO!

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Plant Cells!

Plant cells are Eukaryote cells that differ in several different ways.
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Cell Theory!

Cell Theory describes the properties of the cell.
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Animal Cells!

Animal cells are, Euraryotic cells or cells with cell bound membrane nucleus, unlike the prokaryotic cells the DNA in the Animal cell is held inside of the Nucleus.
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How the human body is organized from most simplest to complex!

The human body is organized by the CELL>TISSUE>ORGAN>ORGAN SYSTEM>ORGANISM> and the BODY ORGANISM.
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