Anastasia's Secret

Jenna Koumas, October 12, 2016

Anastasia's Secret
Published March 2010

Susanne Dunlap

Susanne Dunlap graduated from Smith College and later earned a PhD in music history from Yale University. She is the author of two historical novels for adults as well as The Musician's Daughter, her first novel for young readers. She divides her time between Brooklyn, New York, and Northampton, Massachusetts.


"He had to compose himself so they he would be able to smile and tell my mother he was glad that he had a fourth daughter instead of the long wished-for son, a tsarevich to continue the Romanov line. A tsarevich co continue three hundred years of history.
But three years later Alexei was born, and everyone was happy." said Anastasia (page 3)
Those lines are significance because only a male child could become ruler.
"There is a plan to move you," he said. "Move me where?" He kissed me before saying, "not you, your family, you goose! To Moscow. To the Kremlin." "Will you be with us?" This is important because the family is going to be moved and Sasha, who is their protector, may not be able to go with them. (page 188)
"I changed my name to Mikhail Alexandrovish. I got false papers, and then reenlisted in the guard. It took some time, buy I eventually volunteered to go to Siberia, so they posted me here." (page 247)
The importance was that Sasha reenlisted in the guard and was fortunately assigned to protect Anastasia's family.

Main Conflict

The main conflict of Anastasia's Secret is that her family was imprisoned during a time of war. The reason this is the main conflict is because throughout the story she struggles to understand why this is happening and what she can do to change this. The resolution is that she met a solider who wants to free her and her family; however, he can not free her and her family.

Important Details

Important details that happened in the story would be the Russian people did not like Anastasia's mother because they thought the she didn't care about Russia. Another important detail is the Anastasia had a crush on her friend Sasha. Anastasia met Sasha in the garden at the palace and she felt like she could be herself around him and soon she started to have feeling for him. Another important detail would be that the Royal family which was Anastasia and her family was imprisoned. They were imprisoned because Russia decided to rebel against them.

Historical References

Anastasia's brother Alexis, who was to inherit the throne died. Before dying he met Rasputin who helped him through his bad times. Rasputin became an important influence to the Czar family during World War 1. Resolution began in 1917 and the government was overthrown by the USSR. The Romanov family was slaughtered bringing an end to their dynasty.


This book was really interesting. Not only did it talk about history but it threw a little romance in there. It talked about the life of a royal family and their challenges. The family went from being loved and respected to imprisoned and executed.
The secret of Anastasia part 1 of 5 (English)