WEEK OF 9/21/15


Please come to the office and update your emergency sub plans. Please remember that plans need to include a detailed daily schedule, work for each subject area,and information about hot spot students. Please have updated plans to the office by October 2nd.

Web Caller Formerly Synrevoice

Check Your Email

Bridget has sent out an email to up date the new web caller with the number you would like to be contacted with for all robo calls. The numbers being used this year is the old SPM system. Your insurance, payroll and Social Sercurity is still in this system. It is pulling numbers that have not been updated in years. Please email Bridget the number that you would like web caller to contact. She will update SPM as soon as possible.
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Changed to Thursday This Week Due to Picture Day:)

We will change our pay day dress down day to Thursday so that everyone still has the oppportunity to dress down. Please pay Jill in the office. The last dress down day earned $79. Thanks for helping to resource our indoor recess room.

Uniform Policy Enforcement

I need everyone to begin sending home warning letters concerning noncompliance with our uniform policy. Thank you to the teachers that have already started this process. Next week we will begin sending students to the behavior room for phone calls. Please send documentation to our behavior coordinators of the first warning step that you have taken so that the next steps can be taken.

October is Fire Prevention Month

Do we want to schedule the fire fighters to comback with their fire engines and gear K- 6? Let me know what you think:)
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