Team Radiant Joy November News

Celebrating October successes....

It's never too late to celebrate good news! Thanks for your understanding as your celebration and rewards for your handwork in October were delayed a little bit. I'm excited to celebrate your great month of October!!

Continue to keep your goals and dreams in front of you, make your plan and you will realize what you are working for!

Rene Hughes - Independent Senior Director

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Personal Stats

Parties Held: 2

Personal Recruits: 0

Personal Sales: $1004.00

Paycheck: $1227.46

It pays to help others build their dreams! Had I not chosen to be in leadership my paycheck would have been $251.00

Team Stats

Number of Team Parties held: 28

Team Recruits: 1

Team Sales: $13953.50

Entire Success Lineage:

Number of Consultants: 62

Number of Parties: 50

Number of Recruits: 1

Organization Sales: $23,239.50

Team Resources:

Personal coaching calls can be held with me to increase your bookings, focus your business or hold you accountable to your goals. Please email me if you are interested.

We also have a team Facebook Page that everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in. Many of our trainings and business tips are announced there. Here is the link.


Dream Builders: 0

You will realize your dreams even faster when you share the Thirty-One Opportunity

Top Party Girls! - Kay Jacobsen - 5, Cassie Hestikin - 5, Shalina Osburn - 3,

Shannon Van Allen - 3

The party is where it is at...keep your calendar filled and you will always be in business!

Newly Qualified Consultants:

Those selling their first $1000 - Shalina Osburn and Shannon Van Allen

Top in Personal Volume:

Kay Jacobsen $3018

Michelle Padden $1762.50

Cassie Hestekin $1417.00

Shalina Osburn $1347.00

Shannon Van Allen $1094

Amanda DeSmith $1015

Jill Dangers $812.00

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December 1-15 is our Ready Set Sell earning period! A perfect time to earn your spring products to display at your parties as a reward for your hosting parties in December!!

Don't you just love how Thirty-One is so great about helping us work our businesses so efficiently without much cost to us!

Congratulations on a fantastic month! I look forward to celebrating and rewarding you again next month! Please get in touch with me for a coaching call to see how we can take your business to the next level if you desire that increase in your paycheck.

All my best~