Biotechnology and Genetic Engenering

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The author of this website is Susan Aldridge. My other website corresponds with this website and they talk about the same thing. I chose this topic because I thought biotechnology is something that we should keep an eye on. This website was written in 2015 sense this is recent it is more reliable to being more accurate than a 2001 version of this article.


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The contributions of this website are Amy Hankey Blackwell and Elizabeth Manar. Both of my websites are reliable because they both support each other. Both websites talk about biotechnology and how we have used it for a long time but just haven't notice it. This article helps supports my main idea by explaining what biotechnology does. This article was written in 2015 also so this is a recent website which makes it better than most websites from 2001 and more informational.

Introduction to Genetically Modified Food: At Issue

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The contributor of this website is Tamara Thompson. This website is talking about genetically modified food which is taking a gene from one type of an organism and putting it into another type of organism. this is important because it explains what a common use of biotechnology is. This website is credible because it was uploaded in 2015 it is more reliable than a 2001 article and I have found several other websites that are on the same topic and talk about the same thing.