Future Career Project

Joshua Morrison

Name of Career

After college i want to pursue the career of a FBI Special Agent.

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Where do I plan to go to school

I plan to go to Sam Houston State University. Because it is ranked number one in the nation for its criminal justice program which is what i need to pursue my career.

How long will it take me to get my degree

Since i am planning on getting my masters it will take me over six years to get it.

Is a higher degree required.

It is not required but the higher the degree the easiest it is to get where i am trying to go.

Where do i plan to live or work when I graduate.

It really doesn't matter to me i will go wherever my job takes me. But if possible I would like to be at D.C. so that I can be the head of my department.
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My career described

A FBI Special Agents duty is to protect and defend the United States against foreign and domestic threats while working to create better communities state side.

What made me decide to pursue this career.

Ever since i was little I have wanted to do the right thing and have wanted nothing bad to happen so I thought where better to do that than a place who does it everyday.