Focus Study~ 5 Women of the Bible

Final Questions

Final Questions and Thoughts...

Since we ran out of time on Saturday for much thought and an opportunity to share, I thought that this might be a good way. Feel free to consider and pray about the following questions for yourself as you think about the amazing and very flawed women that God used to further His kingdom. If you would like to share and discuss, please use the comment section below.

Discussion #2

1. Which of these five women do you relate to best?

2. Which room(s) have you found yourself occupying during your spiritual journey?

a. waiting room

b. room of guilt

c. doubting room

d. room of Joy

e. room of peace

f. room of sorrow or discouragement

Which room brought you closer to the Lord?

In which room did you feel furthest from God?

3. How is God directing your life in an extraordinary way? If you don’t feel that he is doing this; why not?

4. What can you take from these five women that would strengthen your own faith?

Thank you again for your willingness to commit to this time of study.