Discovery Compass Newsletter

August 2016

U.S. History Update

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

This week we finished our first unit and they will be taking their first summative assessment next week. (A: Monday, August 22nd and B: Tuesday, August 23rd.) Scores will be in the parent portal and eClass for students. If you have not signed up for the parent portal be sure to do so because it is updated daily with current grades, attendance, test scores, discipline, and so much more.

I wanted to let you know that in conjunction with the U.S. history content we are working on being responsible by coming to class prepared with our necessary materials and turning our work in on time. We also are working on being respectful, which includes not talking at inappropriate times, responding well to redirection, getting along with our classmates, appropriate electronic device usage, and following directions. So far students have been doing a great job and I am very pleased with our start.

Students receive a Content Map before the start of each unit. This has the table of contents, activities students will complete, the learning targets for the particular topic, and a place for self-assessment. This is a great tool for students to use to check their progress, and as way to know exactly what is expected of them for the unit, so there will be no surprises on test day!


I also want to extend the invitation for everyone to join my remind system that students and parents can sign up to receive text or email reminders about due dates and upcoming assessments. This is a very helpful tool considering that classes do not meet everyday!

2nd Period U.S. History

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