January Book of the Month

Izzy Gizmo by Pip Jones

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About the Book

Izzy is an inventor and she loves to make gadgets and things to make life better. TheTea-Mendous was supposed to pour tea, the Swirly-Spagsonic was supposed to serve spaghetti, and the Beard-Tastic was supposed to shave grandpa's beard. Each of her inventions failed and Izzy was so discouraged. She wanted to give up! Her grandpa encouraged her to keep trying especially when she finds an injured crow that can no longer fly. Follow along as IZZY tries, and tries, and tries again. You will hear the story in your classroom and then you 'll complete the challenge at home.

About the Challenge

You get to invent your own gizmo!

A gizmo is any gadget, invention, or appliance that is designed to solve a problem or make life easier at school or at home.

Look at some of Izzy's Gizmos for inspiration

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Step 1

Fill out the plan sheet your teacher gave you

  • Write your name and grade level on the planning sheet.
  • Identify the problem your gizmo will help or solve. Who will it help?
  • Make a list of supplies you need. Your gizmo should be made from recycled materials you have around your house.
  • Draw a plan of your gizmo. Be sure to label the parts!
  • Write the name of your gizmo on the planning sheet.

Step 2

Build your gizmo!

  • Your gizmo should be made of recycled materials
  • Your gizmo must have 2 or more workable or moving parts
  • Your gizmo should be no bigger than 12 inches by 12 inches
  • Update your planning sheet with any improvements you made to your design

Step 3

Bring your gizmo and your planning sheet to school and turn it in to Mrs. Wagner in the library by Thursday, January 30 so it can be displayed.

Step 4- WIN a PRIZE

Anyone who participates in the challenge by completing the planning sheet and building a gizmo will be entered into a drawing to win one of 3 magnetic building sets! The drawing will take place on KCAN on Tuesday, February 4.
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