Sherwood Newkirk

Sherwood Newkirk: Small Business Owner

Sherwood Newkirk: Working On Cars

Sherwood Newkirk has run Sherwood Cleaning Service in Knightdale, North Carolina, for the last twenty years. The business specializes in cleaning homes and commercial buildings. Sherwood Newkirk works hard at what he does, and when he is able to find the time he enjoys riding his motorcycle and fixing up old cars. He also likes to go to car shows.

Sherwood Newkirk, Bike Maintenance

Sherwood Newkirk is a motorcycle aficionado. He has had a number of great bikes over the years and has maintained them with the kind of care that you would expect from someone who respects and enjoys bikes as he does. While he is not a motorcycle mechanic per se, he does perform mechanical maintenance on his own bikes from time to time. Newkirk has done a number of mechanical tasks from tune-ups to mechanical adjustments. Years of experience have taught him that one of the most important things you can do is keep your motorcycle clean and well-lubricated. The wear, tear, and grime that comes from road mileage is not a joke. Dirt, particles and filth can clog important systems, it can damage many components, and reduce the overall life, operation and usability of the motorcycle. Many people don’t realize that this is a year-round principle. Clearly, motorcycles are ridden more when the weather is conducive to the outdoors. Dirt, pollen and elements overall must be removed the more you use a motorcycle on the actual road. Many people however ride all year round, and things like salt on roads, moisture and wind can be additional issues that need cleaning. Sherwood Newkirk recommends an appropriate cleaner for much of a motorcycle and a soft-water pressure washer for these tasks. It is also critical to promptly dry the motorcycle to avoid sun-spots and other drying damage. Oxidation will result in rust in various areas, so pay attention to these spots and promptly lubricate cables, chains, and moving parts with an appropriate lubricating agent. Some people use WD-40, but there are many choices that work exceedingly well for different situations and some lubricants are specialized for different components. Always check with your motorcycle manufacturer for their suggestions.

Sherwood Newkirk – Two Decades

Sherwood Newkirk has owned and operated Sherwood Cleaning Service in Knightdale, North Carolina, for the last twenty years. Running a business in the cleaning industry for over two decades is a pretty big feat. This business specializes in cleaning private residences and commercial buildings. Sherwood Newkirk enjoys running this operation and enjoys doing much of the work himself. That being said, he doesn’t deny anyone this joy and commonly shares information about the success of his business and shares cleaning advice for anyone that is looking for it. His twenty years in the cleaning industry have given him special insights and knowledge on how to clean houses, buildings, and even public facilities efficiently and thoroughly. He advises people to clean regularly, even to the point of following a schedule. Newkirk also advises using a core supply of cleaning products available, including such basic items as glass cleaner, a bucket, a mop, vinegar, ammonia, all-purpose cleaner, bleach, dust-pans, brooms, scouring pads, sponges and plenty of cleaning towels. Newkirk advises daily cleaning tasks as the foundation for a clean home. Around the house he says you should pick up daily, run your dishwasher, pick up dirty clothes and shoes. With those habits in hand, keeping a household clean is a much easier task. It’s also important to let a house ‘breathe’. When the weather allows, open windows, run a fan, and dust cushions and surfaces around the house. Keeping these daily and seasonal practices in place and you can enjoy a much cleaner household that makes the occasional deep cleaning an easier affair.

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Sherwood Newkirk, Small Business Man

Sherwood Newkirk owns and operates Sherwood Cleaning Service, a small business based in Knightdale, North Carolina. Newkirk has been at the helm of this business for more than twenty years. He had previously worked with his father and brothers in the business, but upon his father’s death, took the business over from there. Sherwood Newkirk has built the business and evolved it over the years. With this constant reinvention comes an unending focus on the satisfaction of the customer. It has required a number of targets that have been constantly achieved with great success. First, he’s had to manage and operate the business with profitability in mind. Any business owner knows that when things are good, there’s always the inevitable that something is around the corner. So it takes attention to control a business as it grows, to control costs and maintain profitability. It has taken attention to media, such that things have evolved from the time he took over the business. Today, the internet has taken a prevalent position in the media strategy of a business and has diminished things like the yellow pages, print ads and other forms of media. Those forms of advertising and media still persist to some degree, along with radio and television. When reaching out to an audience, it is critical to have a solid, clear mission to share. For Newkirk’s business, that message is customer satisfaction. Newkirk has also maintained his business through solid planning, hiring, training and motivating employees. This is part of Newkirk’s formula and as any successful business person can understand, part of a longstanding framework of success.

Sherwood Newkirk, Business Owner

Sherwood Newkirk is the owner of a business called Sherwood Cleaning Service. This small business is based in Knightdale, North Carolina. He has been running this business on his own for the last twenty years. Prior to that, he worked with his father and brothers, but took it over for himself after his father’s death. For a business to have that kind of enduring success, it’s clear that Sherwood Newkirk has a good deal of values and work ethics that have sustained success for this long. That is why Sherwood Newkirk shares that despite the fact that he took over the business over twenty years ago, it has taken a clear strategy of satisfying customers and balancing that with a well-run and well-organized business to make it so. When he first took over the business, he knew the business model and what made it work then. Times change however, and what worked for businesses then transforms as clients and technology changes. Today there are things to consider such as the internet, review sites, web advertising, emails, cellular phones and much more. Incorporating these things in an ever-changing business climate is just part of the strategy, and Newkirk has integrated them as tools of the trade and something to manage at the same time. Newkirk is well-aware that one key to his success is having a business plan, revisiting it from time to time, and building this road to success through great planning. Every business needs one, and Newkirk uses his business plan to build and adapt. Every plan has a number of common components in it. A business plan should include a description of the products or services the business offers, a section for financing the business, a number of critical deadlines for your business, and the ultimate goal of the business. That’s where many businesses fail or go off track, and Newkirk offers this advice for any business owner out there.

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Sherwood Newkirk – Classic Rock

Sherwood Newkirk is a fan of classic rock. At least that’s what they call it today but to Newkirk, this music is the soundtrack of his life. Born in the early 70s, Newkirk grew up right a sweet spot in the history of classic rock. This was an early influence in his musical taste. There were many musical influences coming out around this time. For one, Southern rock like Lynrd Skynrd, Molly Hatchet and a whole cadre of music from the famed Muscle Shoals studios were emerging in the late 70s. Motown music was also reaching its peak, crossing over into rock, and incorporating the sounds of Muscle Shoals musicians and other crossover studio musicians. Early heavy metal acts were peaking with acts like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and others leading the way. Pop radio was filled with such great songwriters and performers such as Kenny Loggins and Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. On into the eighties, classic rock took a turn for melodic acts and music videos. Eventually this led to stadium rock, with such acts as Van Halen, Def Leppard and the Scorpions, some of which Newkirk still regards as his favorite music today. Sherwood Newkirk feels that rock music is an expression of Americana and the great experience that emerged from an era that dates back to the post-war 50s. It started out as an expression of exuberance, and became an outlet for changing experiences over the years. In the mid to late 60s, rock music started taking a more serious tone, embodying cultural issues. Rock music fused with country, soul, and a wide variety of influences along the way. Newkirk feels that is why this era of music is so unique and in a world that is getting smaller and bigger at the same time, where boundaries are hardly recognizable and starting to fade, this type of expression may never be as exciting again.

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Sherwood Newkirk, Motorcycle Knowledge

Sherwood Newkirk’s knowledge of motorcycles and motorcycle culture is well-known in his community. That’s why people come to him to seek advice about motorcycles, especially when new bikers are looking for the right bike to start out on. Picking the right bike is an important first step. Every new rider has a number of things to consider such as their needs, the right fit, what style of bike they want, and how reliable these vehicles are. Of course there’s a wide variety of prices from the extremely affordable to the extravagant and it all depends on the model, features, reliability and everything in between.

Sherwood Newkirk loves helping new bikers pick out the perfect motorcycle. With such a variety of options, some individuals have trouble deciding what type of bike is best suited for their needs, desires, and personality. Sherwood Newkirk has years of experience with motorcycles and has decided to provide recommendations about which bike is best for each individual.

Sherwood Newkirk has had many years of motorcycle knowledge, and he is confident every individual can find the perfect bike for his or her needs. For some he recommends a very standard motorcycle, especially for basic riding. Others may be looking for a cruiser, which are motorcycles that much more comfortable for long rides dude to different riding positions. Touring bikes may suit others and are specially purposed for fuel economy, wind protection as well as comfort. Sport bikes are for adrenaline seekers and are designed for speed and performance. Finally, adventure touring bikes are a combination of sport and standard bikes and they have a special niche audience for these as well.

Sherwood Newkirk: Why Cleaning Services are Important

Sherwood Newkirk is the owner of Sherwood Cleaning Service, which provides the most outstanding services in the Knightdale area. After twenty years in the industry, Sherwood Newkirk continues to place an emphasis on customer satisfaction by prioritizing quality service over quantity of customers.

Sherwood Newkirk believes in the purpose of his business, and is eager to share his vision with others. Many people wonder why cleaning services are important, and Sherwood Newkirk has enough experience to understand the value of his business for several different demographics.

Elderly People

While many elderly people move into assisted living or a retirement community, a large number of them like to remain in their own home as long as possible. However, Sherwood Newkirk knows they aren’t necessarily capable of handling cleaning tasks independently. His services provide relief in this area for senior residents, who come to trust Sherwood Newkirk to create a clean living space they can enjoy without the stress of doing the work themselves.

Busy Parents

Sherwood Newkirk says many parents seek out the services of Sherwood Cleaning Service because they simply don’t have the time to perform basic household cleaning tasks themselves. Children are a full-time job for many parents, and cleaning the house becomes a challenge. Sherwood Newkirk helps alleviate stress by performing efficient and thorough cleanings on a regularly basis.

Cleaning services are valuable to many people. With busy careers, big families, or lack of physical abilities, homes quickly turn into cesspools for germs, bacteria, dirt, and grime. Sherwood Newkirk provides the appropriate solution. Instead of ignoring the problem, people can have a clean living space without losing any time on the more important aspects of their lives.

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Sherwood Newkirk: The Best Old Cars to Invest In

Sherwood Newkirk continues to sustain an appreciation for classic cars. Although he stays busy running Sherwood Cleaning Service, he makes time to research old cars and learn new restoration methods. While his collection of vehicles is limited currently, there are several cars Sherwood Newkirk is interested in acquiring at some point in his life. The list includes:

· Lincoln Continental: Sherwood Newkirk says the models manufactured between 1961-1966 are especially impressive. The vehicle’s design is elegant and simple, which means it will always be popular among collectors. Sherwood Newkirk would like to have one of these cars in his garage since they are excellent projects for seasoned restorers like him.

· Chevrolet Camaro: Although all Camaros are popular, Sherwood Newkirk especially likes the models from 1967-1969.

· Pontiac Grand Prix: Modern designs don’t remotely reflect the sleek appearance of the past, which is why Sherwood Newkirk is interested in finding a model from 1962. Although they are a little more expensive than other classic cars, they are unique in appearance.

· Austin Healey 3000: Any model of this vehicle is exciting to Sherwood Newkirk. Since the car was only manufactured for a short time, all Austin Healeys are special.

· Ford Falcon: Sherwood Newkirk recommends this classic car to first-time restorers. With relatively simple design, they provide a good learning experience for individuals interested in collecting and restoring old cars.

While cleaning is his first priority, Sherwood Newkirk thoroughly enjoys spending time on his hobbies. Classic cars were a part of his childhood in North Carolina, and he still enjoys attending car shows, visiting junkyards, and carefully restoring classic cars.

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Sherwood Newkirk: Why Doing Business with Family is Important

Since Sherwood Cleaning Service began years ago, the business has been centered on family. The current owner, Sherwood Newkirk, began working for his dad with his brothers at a young age and developed a deep appreciation for his father’s work ethic and business model. After his father’s death, he decided to take on the responsibility of the family business, an endeavor he says has been hugely rewarding over the last twenty years.

Located in Knightdale, North Carolina, Sherwood Newkirk works to make family the focus of his business. He prioritizes his customers and makes them feel welcome and appreciated at all times. He continues to work with his brothers to provide the most outstanding cleaning service in the northern North Carolina region.

“Doing business with your family is one of the best ways to create a sustainable business model,” says Sherwood Newkirk, “and I wouldn’t change any part of Sherwood Cleaning Service.” From commercial spaces to residential homes, the company has won a loyal following of customers who only trust Sherwood Newkirk with their cleaning needs.

Although running a small business is challenging for many, Sherwood Newkirk learned a strong work ethic and wise business tactics from his father when he was young. The skills imparted to him from his father still determine how he runs the business today. Sherwood Cleaning Service carries on the legacy of Sherwood Newkirk’s father.

Sherwood Newkirk hopes the business will continue to thrive over the coming years. He is committed to providing his customers with reliable services and outstanding customer service. Sherwood Newkirk says his father would be proud of the business today and would be excited to see his son’s accomplishments.

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Sherwood Newkirk: Favorite Car Shows Around the Country

Sherwood Newkirk continues to pursue his passion for classic cars by keeping track of the major car shows around the country. Although he hasn’t had an opportunity to personally visit each event, he follows the action and studies the cars from his home in Knightdale, North Carolina. His favorite events include:

  • Detroit Auto Show: The hub of the auto industry, Detroit designates an entire week during January to their auto show. From revealing new models to public showings, the week attracts leaders in the auto industry from around the world. Sherwood Newkirk says he likes to keep an eye on the action to learn what he can anticipate in the auto industry for the coming year.

  • The Grand National Roadster Show: Although Sherwood Newkirk doesn’t prefer driving custom cars and hot rods, he enjoys seeing the work people put into the specialty cars featured at this show. Since he enjoys fixing up older cars, he enjoys seeing what techniques people use to fix up cars around the country.

  • The Woodward Dream Cruise: This is Sherwood Newkirk’s personal favorite. The event takes place in Chicago, and it features over 40,000 classic cars each year. As a classic car enthusiast, Sherwood Newkirk enjoys reading about various cars each year and learning new methods for restoration and preservation.

  • Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance: This show features the most luxurious, unusual cars from around the world. As a car appreciator, Sherwood Newkirk seeing the state-of-the-art models displayed at this event.

Sherwood Newkirk loves furthering his car education by studying a variety of cars. From street racers to luxury, he appreciates the uniqueness of each vehicle.

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Sherwood Newkirk: Tips for Efficient House Cleaning

Sherwood Newkirk has spent twenty years in the cleaning industry, which has given him special insight on how to clean houses efficiently and thoroughly. While a professional touch is still important for some cleaning needs, he wants to equip his customers to take care of their living spaces by providing his favorite tips for keeping the house clean regularly. His tips include:

• Make a schedule. Sherwood Newkirk says the most important thing is compiling a master list of chores needing to complete, and then organizing the list into a specific schedule. To increase the possibility of completing each task on the list, allotting certain times for each activity is helpful.

• Stay focused by setting a timer. Allow 15 or 30 minutes solely for the purpose of cleaning, and then create a challenge to see how much can be accomplished in the designated time.

• Keep essential cleaning supplies stocked regularly. Sherwood Newkirk recommends glass cleaner, scrubs, all-purpose cleaner, shower cleaner, toilet brush, and a dustpan.

• Clean every day. Create positive cleaning habits like wiping down the bathroom sink in the morning and before bed, loading the dishwasher instead of leaving dishes in the sink, and cleaning the shower while showering.

• Minimize clutter. Sherwood Newkirk suggests developing a habit of putting items back in their designated place after use. Don’t leave a trail of dirty clothes, dirty dishes, and more.

Although professional cleaners go much deeper than normal daily tasks, cleaning as a whole becomes easier when individuals take time to maintain order throughout the house on a regular basis. Sherwood Newkirk wants all of his customers to learn how to keep their living spaces organized and fresh for any occasion.

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Sherwood Newkirk: How to Choose the Right Motorcycle

Sherwood Newkirk loves helping new bikers pick out the perfect motorcycle. With such a variety of options, some individuals have trouble deciding what type of bike is best suited for their needs, desires, and personality. Sherwood Newkirk has years of experience with motorcycles and has decided to provide recommendations about which bike is best for each individual.

  • The Standard: Sherwood Newkirk recommends this bike for basic riding purposes. From riding to the office to taking a weekend spin along mountain highways, the Standard can do everything. The bike doesn’t feature any type of wind protection, and the rider is typically in an upright position against the wind.

  • The Cruiser: They may not be as fast as other bikes, but Cruisers are comfortable for long stretches of travel, since they facilitate a more comfortable riding position. With so much comfort, a Cruiser is perfect for road trips.

  • The Touring: This bike is designed specifically for long-distance travel. Sherwood Newkirk emphasizes fuel capacity and wind protection as the key features making long rides more enjoyable on this type of bike.

  • The Sport: Sherwood Newkirk says this is the bike for the daredevils. Engineered for speed, these bikes should only be ridden by expert motorcyclists. They are designed similarly to competition racing motorcycles.

  • Adventure Touring: Designed for both standard paved roads and dirt riding, this bike is perfect for riders seeking adventure during long trips across the country. The bike combines the features of the Standard and the Sport to create a special hybrid.

Sherwood Newkirk has devoted many years to studying motorcycles, and he is confident every individual can find the perfect bike for his or her needs.

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Sherwood Newkirk: Old Cars and Motorcycles

Sherwood Newkirk is the owner of a small business in Knightdale, North Carolina, located near Raleigh. Sherwood Cleaning Service provides cleaning services to private homes and commercial buildings in the area. Sherwood Newkirk has owned and operated the company for twenty years.

As the owner of a small business, Sherwood Newkirk puts in a lot of hours to keep it going. "I work hard in my business and like old cars and motorcycles," he says. Whenever he can find the time, he likes to get on his motorcycle and take long rides in and around the Knightdale area.

Sherwood Newkirk says there are a lot of reasons to enjoy motorcycles. For one thing, motorcycles are just plain cool. They also offer a sense of freedom that riders like Sherwood Newkirk can't get from a car. Motorcycles are great for transportation because they get great gas mileage, and you can park one almost anywhere, but Sherwood Newkirk thinks that when riding one, it doesn't get you to your destination – it is the destination. He is fond of the line about riding motorcycles found in in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, by Robert Pirsig: "You're completely in contact with it all. You're in the scene, not just watching it anymore, and the sense of presence is overwhelming."

Probably the best thing about old cars, Sherwood Newkirk says, is that they have a much better ride than newer cars – especially newer, small cars. A 1978 Grand Marquis wagon, for example, can cruise smoothly along at a hundred miles an hour, almost as if it were floating down the road. He says that a 1969 Skylark is the same way.

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Sherwood Newkirk: The Triangle Region

Sherwood Newkirk runs his small business in Knightdale, North Carolina, one of the fastest-growing communities in the Triangle region.

Sherwood Newkirk has operated Sherwood Cleaning Service for twenty years. He got into the business with his father and brothers, but took over after the death of his father. The business specializes in cleaning homes and commercial buildings.

The Triangle region, as Sherwood Newkirk knows, sometimes called the Research Triangle, is that part of North Carolina anchored by North Carolina State University, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It is also defined by the cities of Raleigh, Durham, the town of Cary, and the town of Chapel Hill.

The town of Knightdale is currently in the midst of an aggressive branding campaign that is highlighting opportunity for prospective newcomers who, like Sherwood Newkirk, could find it an excellent place to do business. The town uses the tagline "Start Something" to underscore their efforts. "It's clear that the people of Knightdale love what this community offers," said Knightdale Communications Director Brian Bowman. "Because of our location, positive attitude and youthful demographic, Knightdale has shown itself to be an excellent place to start a business, career or even a family."

Knightdale has its origins in the colonial era of American history. The first people of European descent to establish homes in what would become Knightdale settled into the area around 1730, and more settlers followed over time. The town was not formally established until late in the nineteenth century, but it didn't begin to grow until well into the twentieth century.

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Sherwood Newkirk: Car Shows

Sherwood Newkirk is a small business owner in Knightdale, North Carolina, where he has run Sherwood Cleaning Service for the last twenty years. He says that he loves running his own business and loves to work, but like anyone else, there is always a time and place for relaxation and pursuing other interests. For Sherwood Newkirk, that means riding motorcycles, fixing up old cars, and going to as many car shows as his schedule will allow.

For car lovers like Sherwood Newkirk, there are few things in this world that compare to a good car show. Row after row of shiny cars with shimmering paint jobs, roaring engines, and the smell of raw power fill the air. To many car enthusiasts the big car show of the area is the high light of the year.

The big shows of North Carolina are the Charlotte Auto Show, the Raleigh Auto Show and the Metrolina Expo, but as Sherwood Newkirk knows, there are smaller shows that are just as exciting, and are more numerous. He has learned that smaller car shows may have at least fifty to a hundred cars on display, and many feature as many as six hundred.

Sherwood Newkirk says that smaller car shows are usually theme-based. The most popular theme, he says, is the classic car show. These shows don't allow any cars that were made after 1980. They feature Mustangs, Chevys, Buicks, and an overall feeling of the fifties in these shows.

These shows are just what a car lover like Sherwood Newkirk is looking for, and they give him a lot to look forward to year in and year out.

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Sherwood Newkirk: Basic Cleaning Supplies

Sherwood Newkirk runs a cleaning business in Knightdale, North Carolina called Sherwood Cleaning Service. He has run the business for twenty years and built it into a successful enterprise.

Sherwood Newkirk says that no one can clean a house the way that a professional can. A professional brings not only years of experience to the job, but also cleaning equipment that is superior to most products that are available for the home.

There are many different cleaning products and tools on the market, as Sherwood Newkirk knows, and each promises to help make housework easier. However, in order to keep a home clean, there are a few basic tools and cleaners that are an absolute must-have to make cleaning both effective and easy. Although everybody's cleaning needs are slightly different – for instance, a home with full wall-to-wall carpeting throughout will have different needs than one with hardwood floors – these house cleaning basics will cover all your cleaning bases.

Sherwood Newkirk says it is important to have a really good vacuum cleaner. He thinks it is best to stick with a major manufacturer, like Bissell or Hoover, although he says there are many fine vacuum cleaners made by other manufacturers. The important thing is their vacuuming power, although he says it's important also to get something that is going to last.

Other important cleaning products for the home include all-purpose cleaners such as Pine-Sol, and also waste baskets and garbage cans. Sherwood Newkirk says it is wise to replace these from time to time, because they tend to get so smelly after a few years, they can never be completely odor-free.

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Sherwood Newkirk: Motorcycle Safety

Sherwood Newkirk is the owner of a small business in Knightdale, North Carolina. As the owner of his own business, he has to put in long hours every week to make sure the business stays afloat. And after he works hard, Sherwood Newkirk has earned a little fun. One of the best ways he knows to blow off steam is by riding his motorcycle.

"I like riding motorcycles," Sherwood Newkirk says simply, and that statement really says it all. Motorcycle enthusiasts like Sherwood Newkirk say there is nothing quite like the thrill of speeding down the highway on two motorized wheels. But he also knows that riding a motorcycle carries with it an element of danger, and that it is important to not only obey the rules of the road, but to wear all the essential safety gear.

As Sherwood Newkirk knows, some motorcycle enthusiasts say you cannot fully appreciate a motorcycle unless you are wearing the proper safety gear. And that applies no matter what kind of motorcycle is in question. The laws of physics, he says, remain the same whether your moorcycle is powerful or is a smaller, humbler machine. The human body is evolved to travel no faster than about 25mph, and even at that speed, hitting something hard can hurt or kill you. So if you're going any faster than that, your bones and organs simply cannot handle the forces on their own.

The basic motorcycle safety gear, as Sherwood Newkirk knows, includes a helmet, gloves, a jacket and pants, and heavy boots.

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Sherwood Newkirk: Running A Small Business

Sherwood Newkirk runs Sherwood Cleaning Service, a small business in Knightdale, North Carolina. He used to work with his father and brothers, but took it over for himself after his father's death.

Sherwood Newkirk has been running Sherwood Cleaning Service on his own for the last twenty years, and has come to believe that small business owners are the backbone of the American economy. It was already established when he took it over twenty years ago, so he already knew its business model. But like any small business, Sherwood Newkirk needed to have a business plan – a roadmap to success. A business plan includes a description of the products or services the business offers, how you are going to finance your business, deadlines for your business, and its ultimate goal.

As a small business owner, Sherwood Newkirk is aware of the six M's: Mission, Market, Message, Media, Method, and Management. The Mission is knowing exactly what services a business will provide for the client. The Market is who the client is. The Message is a business's mission, and it has to be clear. The Media is the best way for any business to get their message out there, by using radio, print, television, the Internet, or some other form of mass communication. Method is knowing how to run the business, and Management is operating the business in such a way that it is profitable, and clients are completely satisfied.

A small business owner like Sherwood Newkirk knows how to make plans, solve problems, hire, train, motivate, and lead employees. Being a small business owner is risky, but with a lot of hard work, determination, and a little luck, the rewards can be substantial.

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Sherwood Newkirk: Cleaning The Bathroom

Sherwood Newkirk is a small business owner in Knightdale, North Carolina. His business is called Sherwood Cleaning Service, and it specializes in cleaning private homes and commercial buildings.

The difference between a house that is merely clean and one that looks fantastic is all in the details, Sherwood Newkirk says. He says that the cleaning crews of Sherwood Cleaning Service can make even the messiest house look fantastic.

He says that his crews always start by giving a house a serious dusting, and are sure to get everything from ceiling fans to baseboards. Then they give each room a thorough vacuuming, making sure to get all of the hard-to-reach places and areas that some might be tempted to skip, like closets.

Certain rooms have certain special needs, Sherwood Newkirk says. An example of that are bathrooms. He knows that most clients can be very particular about the state of their bathrooms. Not only do people who live in the house use them every day, but so do guests.

Sherwood Newkirk says one of the important things to clean in the bathroom are mirrors. They have to be streak-free from all angles, he says. If they aren't, then they won't look clean. He says a foam glass cleaner is best for cleaning mirrors, but says a solution of vinegar and water will remove any buildup that might have been caused by other products.

After that, Sherwood Newkirk says the important things in any bathroom are its toilets, its fixtures, and the bathtub or shower stall. Shower stalls need particular attention to prevent the buildup of soap scum, he says, and he tells his clients they can do a lot to keep it clean between visits by Sherwood Cleaning Service. He recommends using a squeegee after each shower. Applying a car wax designed to keep glass windshields free of rainwater will make the shower door shiny, and also prevent soap scum and hard water spots from accumulating. He says to follow the label's instructions and re-apply the wax every six months.

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Sherwood Newkirk: Cleaning Commercial Buildings

Sherwood Newkirk runs his own small business in Knightdale, North Carolina, a suburb of Raleigh located in Wake County.

The business is Sherwood Cleaning Service, and Sherwood Newkirk has run the company now for twenty years. Sherwood Cleaning Service are experts at cleaning private homes and commercial buildings. Sherwood Newkirk says it's hard work, but that he is good at what he does, and really enjoys it.

Sherwood Newkirk tells his clients not to underestimate the importance of a clean office building. A recent study, he says, found that a lack of cleanliness can be such a distraction in the workplace that it decreases the learning and/or productivity that would otherwise be taking place.

His commercial building cleaning crews have a number of responsibilities on the job, he says, including gathering and emptying trash and trash bins; cleaning building floors by sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming them; cleaning restrooms and stocking them with supplies; keeping buildings secure by locking doors; cleaning spills and other hazards with appropriate equipment; washing windows, walls, and glass; ordering new cleaning supplies; making minor repairs in buildings, such as changing light bulbs; and notifying managers when a building needs major repairs.

In addition to keeping the inside of buildings clean and orderly, Sherwood Newkirk's building cleaners sometimes work outdoors, mowing lawns, sweeping walkways, and shoveling snow. Some also monitor heating and cooling systems, ensuring that they functions properly. His crews use many tools and equipment. Simple cleaning tools may include mops, brooms, rakes, and shovels. Other tools may include snow blowers, floor buffers, and carpet extraction equipment.

Sherwood Newkirk – Car lover

Sherwood Newkirk loves classic cars and has held this passion for many years. His love for classic cars starts with an affinity for the muscle cars of the 1960s and early 1970s. The beasts from that era were a unique time in Detroit history. There was a race for horsepower and things like fuel economy weren’t even a second thought. It was all about efficiency, power, speed and style.

Brash fenders, bold muscle and race inspired styling were the name of the game in this era. A lot of people are familiar with the Ford Mustangs of the era, which really heralded the arrival of the muscle car into the American consciousness. However there are many cars from this time were all squarely competing for muscle car dominance. General Motors and their divisions had a full lineup of their own.

Pontiacs delivered a number of legendary vehicles to the scene like Firebirds, GTOs, and even the Tempest. Chevrolets had Camaros, Chevelles, and Malibus and a whole variety of specialized editions based on those great vehicles. Buick and Oldsmobile even had their models on the scene with the Wildcat, 442 and Cutlass models in the mix. Ford had more than Mustangs, they had Falcons, Fairlanes and Torinos. The Chrysler Corporation had a legion of legendary muscle cars through their divisions. Plymouth Barracudas, GTX models, Dodge Chargers, and Challengers are just some of those epic car aficionado names that echo muscle car greatness.

Sherwood Newkirk has a good deal of experience maintaining and restoring these types of vehicles. Somewhere between the smell of car wax and gasoline, over the years Newkirk has maintained this passion for classic vehicles.

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Sherwood Newkirk: Properly Starting a Business

For more than twenty years, Sherwood Newkirk has operated Sherwood Cleaning Services based in Knightdale, North Carolina. While the business initially started as a family business, Sherwood has worked hard to expand the business to accommodate the growing Knightdale community. In the more than two decades he has been at the helm of the business, he has seen numerous entrepreneurs try their hand at operating businesses. While some have succeeded, many others have failed. Based on his experiences, Sherwood Newkirk offers a few tips on how to establish a business.

Create a business plan

An overused phrase goes that “failing to plan is planning to fail.” Cliché or not, young entrepreneurs have to create a business plan to map out exactly what it is they want to achieve. A business plan will force you to detail the numerous expenses that will be involved in running the businesses, the projected returns and the volume of business required for the venture to be profitable.

A well-written business plan is necessary in some instances to secure funding, as it convinces lending managers that your business idea can be successful.


Most successful businesses are those that are conveniently accessible by clients. As a prospective business owner, you have to locate your business where customers will find it easily. Finding a good location will take time, effort and patience. It will also depend on the type of business you plan to establish. The right location, says Sherwood Newkirk, is one that is worth waiting for.

Sherwood Newkirk - Concern for the Environment

Keeping a home clean involves the use of cleaning products and agents that are designed to make work easier, but sometimes to the environment around us. Sherwood Newkirk, owner and operator of Sherwood Cleaning Services, knows first-hand that while many cleaning products are manufactured with the intention of keeping the home clean, they sometimes introduce new contaminants to the environment. Without concern for the environment and future generations, the continued use of such products will bring more harm than good.

The onus is on customers to keep a watchful eye on the products they utilize. There are so many effective house cleaning products available, but with frightening ingredients when you read the label carefully. The clean smell you have come to love might contain toxic chemicals, thus pose a hazard to your health and of the people around you when you breathe in those toxic fumes. The fact that you have to put on gloves prior to cleaning is a good indicator that the chemicals you are handling might be dangerous.

Sherwood Newkirk has operated his cleaning business for more than two decades. In this time, he has grown wary of the need to keep the environment safe and protect the health of his employees and clients. He makes a point of ordering cleaning supplies that adhere to modern environmental standards, and ensures that his employees follow proper procedures when making use of every cleaning product. Where he can, he natural cleaning alternatives, which are far better at keeping the environment safe.

Sherwood Newkirk - Maintaining a Motorcycle

Over the years, Sherwood Newkirk has grown to love motorcycles. While he can’t accurately describe how this love first started, he has owned a number of bikes over the years that he has strived to maintain with the utmost care. His knowledge of motorcycles is amazing, so much that the local community relies on him to provide advice on maintaining bikes. While he is not a motorcycle mechanic, he has done his fair share of repair work to know the common problems that motorcycle owners face with the two-wheeled machines.

When the weather is conducive, motorcycles are one of the perfect modes of transport. The summer months might be when the Knightdale roads see a lot of motorcycle action, but it is also a time when many bikes break down. According to Sherwood Newkirk, one important aspect that many bike owners forget is to regularly clean their bikes. The dirt and dust of constant riding clogs up the bike’s important systems, thus exposing the bike to rapid wear and tear. Regular cleaning, Sherwood advises, can help with such problems.

In addition, Sherwood Newkirk advises clients to be proactive when it comes to maintaining their motorcycles. Rather than wait for it to breakdown, the owner can perform simple checks on the oil filter, fuel lines, battery leads, chain, and tires to ensure proper functioning. Doing so will help spot any issues in advance, and thus reduce the chances of the motorcycle breaking down while in use.

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