Digital citezenship


what is cyberbullying

cyberbullying is on online bullying but it is online.

lots of people have been through cyber bulling and there people that can help you like kids helpline.

Cyberbullying is being mean to others by sending or posting harmful material using a phone or the internet.

  • Cyberbullying involves repeated mean messages with intent to harm and repeated nature
  • Cyberbullying not ok and you can be charged legaily.

call halp 1800 55 1800

Online safety

you have to be safe online and here is a few tips

report things that make you feel uncomftable

dont sign up for website that you are under age for

call kids help line if someone is bullying you constantly

If you use the Internet, you're a citizen of a global community-a cyber citizen. Just like being a citizen of your local community, being a cyber citizen has responsibilities. Use the Internet to share knowledge that makes people's lives better. Keep safe, use good manners and respect the laws


The social of network communication is really fun but you have to be carrful The social media is dangerous if you get into the wrong kind of stuff of effective internet communication on the intrenet