PT Primary Points to Ponder

Week of October 7 "The Greatest School on Land and Sea"


The RtI meetings scheduled for Monday, October 7 and Friday, October 11 purpose is for us to know where every child is academically and socially at the nine week period. It is extremely important to me that we do not let time slip by and have surprises. It is all of our responsibility to ensure that all students in need of TIER 2 and TIER 3 intervention receive it. In addition, 85% of our students must be successful in the classroom with TIER 1. December is too late to get our TIER 1to 85%...that has to be happening now.

Please come to RtI with the following:

  • Updated Data in RtI spreadsheet (if you don't have time, bring your paper version and we will type it in during not stress about this!)
  • Data Notebook (make sure your F&P testing page is included so we can look for reading behaviors)
  • Share one strength of each student and one area of growth

You will notice in our events calendar that sharing of students is coming up however some of you have already started sharing because that is what we do at the Primary. We will be adding a column for that in RtI

Thank you all for knowing your students!

Food Backpack Program

Please complete the survey....All responses are anonymous

CoGat Practice

It is very important that our kids practice for the CoGat before we test. We want all kids to have the same opportunities to do their best. Remember we aren't teaching the test we are just exposing them to the type of questions they will see. CoGat provides these resources for us.

Google CoGat Practice Folder

Here is the timeline for practice:

October 8-11

Verbal (During reading)

  • Monday, October 7- 1/2 Picture Analogies
  • Tuesday, October 8-3/4 Picture Classification

Quantitative (During math)

  • Wednesday,October 9- 1 Number Analogies
  • Thursday,October 10 Number Puzzles
  • Friday, October 11 Number Series

Nonverbal (Art and Science Lab) Rotations Week of 7-11

  • Day 1 Figure Matrices
  • Day 2 Paper Folding
  • Day 3 Figure Classification


When you are feeling ill, put in AESOP for a substitute. Do not wait until 4-5 am to request for a sub. It is better to go ahead the night before and request. Thank you

Bring Teacher Data Notebook to RtI Meeting next week

Big Kahuna Fundraiser

  • Remind parents on Monday the 7th all money is due on Tuesday 8th
  • Tuesday morning Evelyn and Regina will come to each class to collect the money

Ellis Pottery Field Trip

  • 10:30 am trips to Ellis Pottery will eat lunch at Ellis pottery. These classes will need to pick up their sack lunches before boarding the bus.
  • Mrs. Lee has to have the ID numbers in order to make a sack lunch. Please give her the numbers the afternoon before your scheduled trip.

Running Records

Beginning 2nd 9 Weeks, October 21st, all kindergarten students will have 3 informal running records per nine weeks. If you are unsure of how to schedule your running records in a rotation, how to administer running records and/or analyze please make sure you let your mentor or Sarah Beth know you need help.

Each students will have a Progress Monitoring Sheet in the teacher's data notebook