About us and our school

by the English Club

Our School

We will now show you what our school looks like. There are almost 500 students and twenty classes. There are a lot of nice people at our school (like us for example:))


Walking along the corridors

Our school has three floors and three long corridors, with large halls at the end of each corridor. This year they have been renovated. Unfortunately they are quite narrow.

The classrooms

Our classrooms are big and colourful. They have a lot of maps, big noticeboards, overhead projectors, a computer, some plants and cupboards. There are usually fifteen desks and thirty chairs, although there are generally fewer pupils (15 - 28) in our classes.
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Our library is situated on the ground floor. There are almost fourteen thousand books in it that we can borrow to read at home or read in the library. We like spending our time there, just sitting and relaxing, too.


Pupils can stay here before or after lessons if their parents are at work. Mainly younger children stay in the day care room. There are three rooms that we can use to relax, play, watch films or do our homework.


We eat school lunches here


The lockers are situated in the cellars. Each student has one small green locker to keep his or her things in.

At the gym

Here is the school gym, where we do a lot of sports. Each class has four hours of physical education a week. We play team sports or practise gymnastics. Most students love their sports lessons.