three young boys

by yolanda readon

Three carefree teens were out one night, they thought they'd go to McDonald's and grab some good food to bite. They soon realized none of them had money so they came up with a plan. They knew a rich old woman who lived down the street, she went by Ms.Rosanne.
little did they know, Mr.Rosanne had cameras and house alarms. Within 45 minutes they were cuffed around the arms. (Arrested) The bail was set for 500 dollars each and within 24 hours all of their parents got them out of jail. They were charged with a misdemeanor since it wasn't that serious, no one was injured and nothing was broken. All of the evidence and video footage is in the hands of the grand jury they decide if there is even enough evidence to bring a person to court/ indict them, or to charge them with a crime. Each of the three boys were assigned a public defender.The grand jury charged them (indictment) for breaking and entering, private property violation, and burglary. During the arrangement all three boys separately go in front of the judge to answer the indictment. In this petit jury the boys all agreed to plead guilty there for it lessened their sentence.( plea bargain) the only witnesses were those three and the camera's because Ms.Rosanne was out getting dinner.