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Here is a quick example of how to enter your grade in the standards based system that Central Noble has adopted.

Entering Grades

Go the the subject you want to enter grades.

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Click the + sign at the bottom to add a grade.

Give the assignment a name and a point value like you have done in the past

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Click on the standards tab to add standards

Standards are assesses on a 4 point scale

4-Exceeds Grade Level Mastery (Mastered Above Grade Level Work)
3-Demonstrates On Grade Level Mastery
2-Progressing Towards Mastery
1- Non-Mastery/needs improvement

4= Demonstates Above Grade Level Mastery
3= 80%-100%
2= 60%-79%
1= 59% and below
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Once the Standards are selected save the assignment, then go back and add in the scores for the standards based on the 4 point scale

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Questions & Answers

Formative Assessments
  • Individual Conference 3/3 for the assignment 4 point scale for the standard
  • Group Conferences 3/3 for the assignment 4 point scale for the standard

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