April Showers of Creative Writing

What's happening this month in CW at PA Virtual

Folger's Library Shakespeare LIVE!

Tuesday, Apr 23rd, 1:30pm

This is an online event.

Submit to Creative Writing Anthology 2013!

Wednesday, Apr 10th, 6am to Sunday, May 12th, 11:45pm

This is an online event.

Ready to submit to the Creative Writing Anthology?

The theme is "Confessions from Behind the [Computer] Screen" -- fiction stories, non-fiction narrative essays, and poems should capture some experience of being a cyber-high-schooler, a teenager in this day and age, and can cover topics such as bullying, friendship, falling in love, losing someone you love, learning to drive, a first concert, getting ready for college, anything related to being a teen! They should be funny, sad, and be full of the essence of teen life.

Fiction and Non-Fiction should be 400-1000 words, submitted on double-spaced, Times New Roman Font, with your name in the digital title and in the upper right-hand corner. Center the title of your work. All items must be titled. All work must be 100% original. Avoid quotes from other authors or works.

3-5 poems of no more than 25 lines each may be submitted. Each poem should be on its page. Poems may be single-spaced. Include your name and the title of the work. All poems must have a title. All work must be original. Avoid quotes from other authors and works.

You may submit one piece in each genre- fiction, non-fiction or poetry. Submissions are emailed to Mrs. Weir with subject "Submission for Publication" in the subject line.

Other pertinent information. There are several options for publication at this time. The final format is not determined.

Not all items submitted may be publishable. Mrs. Weir and administrators will have final discretion on works included in the publication.

Works accepted for publication will be edited. Authors may be asked to revise items if the piece is to be included. All items will be copy-edited for mechanical correctness by a team of editors.

Mrs. Weir and administrators are making decisions about what is published and how it will be published. Finally, if your work is accepted your parents and you will be provided notice, copyright, licensing, and permissions forms and information

What are the projects and events?

Unit 4 - Flash FIction

Students will use what they learned in Digital Recasting to write stories with 3 acts, with all the "working elements," great characters, purpose and just the right balance of sights, sounds, textures, flavors, and scents that go with people and place.

Students will write 2-3 short stories, for as Dr. Ivan says below, only repetition leads to excellence and confidence.

Triggering Event + Trials/Obstacles + Transformation + Trials/Obstacles = Resolution ("Diamonds are made out of pressure")

Students will also continue with "Reading Like A Writer"-- Book selection 3 and a paragraph and sentence variety review will be done by the end of the month.

Journaling continues for the joy and habit of writing to be practiced until it comes naturally.

TEDxRyersonU - Dr. Ivan Joseph - The Skill of Self Confidence
Anis Mojgani performs Shake the Dust at HEAVY AND LIGHT.

How do students get help?

Workshops on Monday are live, and attendees get added participation points by attending 2-3pm sessions.

Workshops are recorded for those who cannot come and are required viewing. By filling out the attendance survey and question as student view the recording, they earn participation points. They can also earn by reading and commenting.

Office hours continue on Wed. from 9-11a, Fri. 10-12p, and by making an appt.

Some Exciting Developments!

Peer Assessment Improves!

Students should relying further on peer writers to get specific and useful feedback about what works and what doesn't. Remember, teachers assess for objective skill mastery, but that doesn't make a story attractive and readable.

A broad audience is key! Students will be required to write to a target audience and also to have classmates read and respond to their writing. Blogs should be peer grades this month.

Questions always welcome! mweir@pavcs.us