Constitutional and federal eras

By: Kinley Tate

XYZ Affair People and Facts

  • John Adams
  • John Marshal
President john Adams sent Two diplomats John Mashal and Elbridge Gerry to join the C.C. Pinckney in Paris.

  • This event took place in 1797-1798.
  • The Treaty Of Mortefontaine Created a true peaceful friendship between France and The United States.

Whiskey Rebellion Facts and People

  • Took place in 1971 during the presidency of George Washington.
  • Alexander Hamilton proposed an excise tax on Whiskey produced in the United States.
  • After people started rebelling Hamilton sent military forces to Pennsylvania

Shays Rebellion Facts and People

  • This event took place in Massachusetts in 1786-1787.
  • The rebellion took its name from its symbolic leader Daniel Shays.
  • The rebels state militia was commanded by General Benjamin Lincoln.