Psychology Class

Parent Newsletter


Parent, welcome to Ms. Kosko's Psychology class newsletter for parents. This is something new I am trying to keep parents aware and informed of events, deadlines, etc for Psychology class.

Tips to help YOUR student succeed!

Cell phones

The number one problem in class is students who can not stay off of their cellphones. Whether they are texting, snapchatting, facebooking, or telling me that YOU called them, cell phones are a distraction from school work. They can not learn the material if they are constantly on their phones. While this is a "bring your own device" campus, students should not be on their phones unless it is part of our lesson. Please talk to your student about keeping their phone put away during class. You'll be helping me and most certainly helping THEM!


Sometimes a student will come home and tell you they need something for class that you might think is outlandish - like candy. They will definitely need a candy bar or their favorite candy for Monday September 28. If your student ever tells you they need something and you're not sure they're being totally honest, PLEASE call or text me - (910) 527-1905.