Español 2

January 4- 8 -- last week of the course.

Last week of the course

I hope that everyone had a wonderful break. I know that I enjoyed my time with family.

The only thing that is open for students to work on in the course is the final exam, final project and the last Final Required Class.

All assignments that were submitted over the break are being graded, but it is going to take some time. I am proud of all of the students that worked to catch up. Some did not complete everything. Everybody had extra time to complete missing assignments. The original due date for Unit 8 was 12/11.

I will submit final grades during the week of January 11th. Students can contact me after Wednesday 1/13/15 to find out their final average if they have questions. The course will close on 1/8 at midnight.

What is due this week:

Proyecto Final de Español II:

**Preparing for your Final Project - Required Live Class** - (during week 17 or week 18)

    • _____ Examen Final de Español II

    • _____ Proyecto Final de Español II

**The final 3 assignments must be turned in by

January 8, 2016