Wise Classroom Newsletter 3/22/16

March Character Trait - Citizenship

English Language Arts

In reading we've just started a unit that includes finding the main idea of a nonfiction text. It also includes inferencing from nonfiction texts and finding the meaning of an unknown word from context clues. We'll be using nonfiction in order to do these things, so we'll be using science and social studies topics to do much of this unit.

In writing we're learning lots of types of figurative language that can make poetry better. We've learned simile, metaphor and alliteration so far. We've got many more like personification, hyperbole, onomatopoeia and more to go.

Science and Social Studies

In science we've been studying hermit crabs because we just got hermit crabs as our class pet, so we needed to know how to take care of them correctly. We made that into a mini-science unit that included research, writing a how to, and even writing a fictional story or poem about a fictional hermit crab, though many made the characters of their stories Garry and/or Mr. Crabs, which are the names we gave our class pets!

In social studies we've learned lots about the Constitution, the three branches of government, voting and the Bill of Rights. We're wrapping this unit up soon and will be moving back to Project Lead the Way Energy Conversions after Spring Break.

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In math we've been adding and subtracting mixed numbers, converting fractions from mixed to improper, finding equivalent fractions and more. We're nearing the end of this unit, so a test will be coming up about a week and a half after we get back from Spring Break.

We will also be reviewing old concepts and previewing new concepts to help us prepare for the MAP test which is quickly approaching. A great Spring Break activity for your child would be to spend some time on MobyMax doing Reading Literature or Reading Informational to practice for the ELA part of MAP and doing MobyMax Math and Fact Master to prepare for the Math side of the MAP test.

Important Upcoming Dates

March 22 - Papa Murphy's Night

March 23 - Last day to bring in cans for our Can Food Drive!

March 24 - Papa John's Night

March 24 - No School for Teacher Professional Development

March 25 through April 1 - Spring Break

April 4 - Back to School

April 28 & 29 - Wise's Class takes ELA portion of MAP test

May 5 & 6 - Wise's Class takes Math portion of MAP test

Specials Rotation

Wed 3/23 - Art, Mon 4/4 - Music, Tues 4/5 - PE, Wed 4/6 - Art, Thurs 4/7 Music, Fri 4/8 - PE, Mon 4/11 - Art, Tues 4/12 - Music, Wed 4/13 - PE, Thurs 4/14 - Art, Fri 4/15 - Music