My everyday hero

By: Lucia Calzado Muñoz

My mum is an everyday hero because she is always attentive of all that occurs in my house, my brother and me, do all the foods for my brother and me, she always has the house clean and very tidy, amd always do all with a very big smile, in summary my mum is an everyday hero because she can do thousand of things in a simple day for makes me happy.

She works as a negotiator. A typical work of a negotiator means starting work al 10:00 and finishing al 21:00 more or less. A negotiator works at house, in an officine or other place.

At work she has to resolve problems reaching an agreement. To be a negotiator do you need this skills: you don't have to be a problematic person and you have to look for eassy reason.

I would like to be a negotiator because i like to look for eassy reasons without problems. I would prefer to be a physiotherapists because i love this job.