Vietnam War

By: Anthony Schabel, Lacy Barrett, Dustin Collett

Part 1: Definitions

Cold War: The tension between U.S. and the Soviet Union after WWII

Containment: Attempt to lock down communism

DMZ: De Militarized Zone

Domino Theory: Theory that if one country falls to communism more will fall.

Draft: Required enrollment in the armed services

General William Westmoreland: 4 star general who commanded US military in Vietnam war

Ho Chi Mich: North Vietnam leader

My Lai Massacre: Mass murder of unarmed civilians in south Vietnam

Pentagon Paper: revealed that the US government had not been honest about it's intentions in the Vietnam war

Tet Offensive: Surprised attack by the Viet Cong on south Vietnamese TOWNS AND CITIES

Viet Cong: Group in south Vietnam who wanted Ho Chi Minh to be their leader

Vietnamization: President Nixon's strategy for ending US involvement in the Vietnam war

Part 2: Gulf of Tonkin Incident

Summary / Impact: The USS Maddox was attacked while out on patrol in Vietnam and pressured the U.S. to go on the offensive by dropping bombs in Operation Rolling Thunder.

Part 3: Importance

1. Viet Cong Surrenders

2. United States signs cease-fire with North Vietnam and Vietcong

3. Communists capture Saigon

4. Israel captures Gaza Strip and West Bank in Six-Day War

5. Mao Zedong begins the Cultural Revolution in China

6. Nixon elected president of the U.S.

7. U.S. troops begin their withdrawal from Vietnam

8. Uganda becomes independent

9. First major U.S. combat units arrive in Vietnam

10. National Liberation forms in the south Vietnam

Part 4: Veterans

Dean, Raymond S - Was a captain, there was two people that worked on code, one who listen and one who cracked, he went to school from learning to jump out of a plane, and did so about 10 times. Before they signed up they had to fill out documents to insure that he didn't have a special job that would prevent him from working. He volunteered. Dustin thinks he sounds cool.

Seidel, Michael E. - Joined the marines because his farther was also one and he enjoys being in the water. His original mission was to keep the Vet Com from taking over the civilians in the village. He got along with everyone and joked a lot around on the ships. His sister's ship had a hole blown into it. Dustin enjoys the water too.

Marin-Carle, Alfredo - Originally born in New York, but at the age of eleven went to Puerto Rico; it was here that he ended up getting drafted. Tried to do his best while in boot camp and the rest of his training because he wanted to make the best out of the situation. He experienced being in water for seven days. He never got sick in Vietnam however, but did have a problem with his tooth and had to go to the dentist. Lacy says he isn't cool.

Part 5: Music

War - by Edwin Starr

Put A Little Love In Your Heart - by Jackie DeShannon

Universal Soldier - Buffy Sainte-Marie

Blowin' In The Wind - Peter, Paul and Mary

Draft Dodger Rag - Phil Ochs

Turn, Turn Turn - The Bards

Get Together - The Youngbloods

It Better End Soon - Chicago

Where Have All The Flowers Gone - Kingston Trio

Part 6: Villain or Hero?

Hugh Thompson - A hero, doesn't suck

William Calley - A villain, did suck, apparently liked pizza.