Chartres Cathedral

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The Cathedral is located in the Department of Eure-et-Loire, Centre Region, France. The address is 16 Cloitre Notre Dame, 28000 Chartres, France. Chartres is positioned about 80 kilometers southwest of Paris, France.
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Chartres Cathedral is one of France's most famous buildings. It is made in a beautiful Gothic style. There are 173 stained glass windows and 2000 sculpted figures. There is a vast nave (central part of the church). The cathedral is pure ogival (gothic) style, and the porches are covered in magnificent sculptures from the middle of the 12th century.

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Chartres Cathedral was first constructed in 1145, but it was only partly built. The church was then reconstructed many times after a series of fires in 1194 over a twenty-six year period. Many gorgeous glass windows built in the 12th and 13th centuries still remain.

The cathedral was the most valued building in the town, and the focus point of lots of activities and carnivals in the town, as well as a worship place for Catholic people. But, in the Middle Ages, the church functioned as a market place. Vegetables, fuel, and meat were sold in the south porch of the church, while textiles and other types of art were sold in the north part of the cathedral.

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Windows of the Church

The stained glass windows are probably the most distinctive feature of Chartres Cathedral. Almost all of the 176 windows were filled with equally dense stained glass, creating a sort of dark but richly colored inside of the cathedral. The majority of the windows now visible at Chartres were made and installed between 1205 and 1240.

Only four lancets (windows) are left that survived the fire of 1195. Three of them are located beneath the rose in the west façade, and all three of these windows were originally made around 1145 but were restored in early 13th century and again in 19th century.

There is a very popular window showing the Virgin Mary and her child surrounded by adoring angels. Most of the windows are made up of around 25–30 individual panels. Many windows at Chartres include images of local tradesmen or laborers. There are three large rose windows and many gorgeous angels in stained glass.


Chartres cathedral is a catholic church. It was built in the medieval times. In present day the cathedral is used more as a tourist attraction than a church. But many Catholic/Christian people still worship there. The cathedral is often used to hold carnivals and celebrations, since it's the center of the town. Overall, the church is a fantastic place to visit and pray as a Catholic person because it is a holy and beautiful place.
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Second fire of Chartres Cathedral

Friday, June 10th 1194 at 8pm

16 Cloître Notre Dame


Another disaster happened to the church. A fire erupted one night at the cathedral, burning the whole church down. The only parts that survived the horrible event were the crypt and the west front. The reconstruction began shortly after 1194.

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