Mayson Buchman,p.4

Sometimes people can make very bad choices. Bad choices end up in very bad situations. Some people make the bad choices of doing drugs! Drugs can really effect you especially when it comes to friends and family.

But moat drugs are very bad for you,but there are drugs used for medication.Like if you go to the dentist and they put you on happy gas,or numb your mouth.All of those are used for good reasons, unlike some drugs out there.

Main bad drugs are marijuana and cock cane ,etc. All most over 200 people die a year for doing drugs .Because they will over dos, so they don't feel sad and depressed.They will also get high and get in car rec's or other very bad situations.

Most of all remember to never ever do drugs or drunk.Because you will always end up in a bad place.If you ever have problems go get help fast!


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