Nathan Gamez, Tyler Wyatt

How we use biomass

We use garbage and wood to heat up our house and and to cook our food so we can eat many years ago we used bio mass these years 90 percent of biomass is use. Biomass gets its energy from the sun because the sun can turn dried up plants into fire.We can turn biomass into gas and liquid fuels.Biomass can also be turned into electricity,biogas,ethanol, and biodiesel,too.When we use biomass it doesn't cause as much pollution as burning coal.

What it is

It is a source and energy we use to heat up our homes and to cook our food to is a renewable resource

How we get electricity from biomass

When dead plants and animals decay,they produce a colorless.on farms,manure is put into digesters that separates out the methane can then be used to produce heart or electricity

Advantages and disadvantages

It is renewable so we can keep cutting down trees.We can turn it into electricity and other stuff like biogas,ethanol, and biodiesel. We sometimes have buy it.Your house may catch on fire.