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The purpose of this flyer is to inform you of the positive supports in place at North Elementary to foster, support, and reinforce emotional and behavioral growth in our students. After reading this flyer, you will know the purpose and goal of the behavior system as well as how the clip system is used to address student behaviors.

Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports

The Purpose

The purpose of our school-wide behavior system is to address student behaviors by means of teaching and reinforcing positive behaviors in an effort to create a climate in which students experience growth academically, socially, and emotionally. The clip system, in combination with other supports listed below, is utilized to accomplish this goal.

The Clip System

At North, the clip system is utilized in each classroom as a means of monitoring student behavior. All students start the day in the middle of the chart ("Ready to Learn" -green) and have opportunity to move their clip up or down numerous times throughout each day. A clip up means the student displayed appropriate behavior and has received positive reinforcement for that. A clip down means the student has displayed inappropriate behavior and has received a clip down as consequence. Students will report the color on which they ended the day via a daily communication system (i.e. calendar in take home folder) to be determined by the teacher.

The clip chart has three tiers above the starting point for positive reinforcement and three tiers below the starting point ("Think About It" -yellow, "Teacher's Choice" -orange, and "Parent Contact" -red) for addressing negative behaviors. If a student moves their clip to yellow, they are being warned or reminded to keep their behavior in check. No further consequences are necessary at that time. This is just a warning. If a student moves their clip down again (to orange), the teacher takes into consideration the student's needs, the situation itself, and other factors to determine if a consequence should be issued. Student may lose up to ten minutes off recess at this point if teacher deems it appropriate. If student moves their clip down again (to red), the parent will be contacted either by phone, note home, or email. It's possible the student may be sent to the office at this point as well.

School-Wide Celebrations

Each quarter of the school year, North Elementary students will participate in a school-wide celebration to celebrate their hard work and effort at living out the life skills of respect, responsibility, and safety (self-control). Quarterly, students have an individual behavior goal based on their end of day color on the classroom clip chart. Quarter 1 goal is for students to end the day on green or above 75% of school days, quarter 2 goal is green or above 80% of school days, quarter 3 is 85%, and quarter 4 is 90%. In addition to the school-wide celebrations each quarter, students who reach these individual behavior goals will be recognized as well (ie. individualized certificate or sticker, etc.). When a student falls short of the quarterly goal, additional supports and interventions will be put in place to help the student improve.

Life Skills and Gotcha Tickets

Students at North Elementary are taught and positively reinforced for living out the following three life skills: Responsibility, Respect, and Safety (Self Control). The definitions of those life skills, as taught to students, are as follows: responsibility means "we do the right thing", respect means "we treat people and things (property) nicely", and safety means "we control our bodies and our voices". These life skills are taught by teachers on a daily basis as well as monthly classroom lessons taught by myself.

When students display these life skills under adult supervision, they are reinforced by clip moves up. However, if a student goes above and beyond and is "caught" displaying these life skills outside of direct adult supervision, they will be reinforced with a "Gotcha Ticket" (see image) and a sticker stating "I made a difference!". This Gotcha ticket has three copies: one to go home, one to go to the office, and one to go to the classroom teacher. These students will also have their picture added to the "Gotcha Ticket Wall(s) of Fame" located in various places throughout the building. These students are also recognized in other ways such as featured in classroom teacher's newsletter, recognized over morning announcements, etc.

Effort! (Neuroscience and Growth Mindset)

In addition to the life skills listed above, students will be recognized for putting forth effort in a challenging task, persisting despite mistakes, and/or using a variety of strategies to solve a problem. Recognition will come in form of a sticker stating "I worked my brain muscle!" as well as picture on "Gotcha Ticket Wall(s) of Fame".

This specific support of students' effort is one of a few efforts from North staff to teach students about the malleability of their brain ("Your brain can grow stronger with effort!") and encourage a "growth mindset" (belief that intelligence can be improved and strengthened with effort and persistence). During monthly class lessons, I will teach students about this aspect of neuroscience encouraging students to 'exercise their brain muscle' as much as possible. (Information on such lessons will be sent home to parents via email with research article links as well as video links.)

Additional Supports

School Counselor/Behavior Specialist

As behavior specialist, my goal is to assist all students in experiencing social, emotional, behavioral, and academic growth and success. If a student is struggling to experience such growth and/or success, additional supports are available such as participation in weekly small group supports that teach skills to use in an effort to improve in areas of need. Other supports might be individualized in addition to classroom clip chart (i.e. visuals, physical supports (fidgets, bubble seat, etc), behavior charts, etc.).

For more information on my role as counselor, click link below.

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Let's come together, surround these young students with all the support and encouragement needed to shape and cultivate successful individuals. All of these supports and interventions listed above are null and void without your support at home. PLEASE reach out to me with any questions or concerns about what you read here. My email is always open, and I am more than happy to answer questions and hear any ideas you might have to offer. We are a team and are so excited to walk this road together. Let's do this!