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The Nerves

The Nerves

The nerves are like long stripes that run throughout your body, they send electrical impulses to your brain. Inside your nerves contain electricty. The nervous system directs all activites in the body.

Where are the nerves found within your body?

Nerves and nerve cells are found all througout the body, they run to every fingetip and every toe to insure that every need and movement of your body is taken to the brain.

What would happen to the body if the nerves were gone?

If the nerves in the corperation were fired then the brain would not recieve the electrical impulses the nerves deliver. The body would have no senses or feeling, ex; see, smell, hear, taste, and touch.

What other body systems do the nerves work together with?

The nerves work with every system in the body to get it to work. Two really big systems are the circulatory and the respiratory. This works with the circulatory to get the heart to circulate blood and the resiratory to help lungs to breathe.

What would happen without nerves?

If the body had no nerves then it would lack senses (ex- Sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smelling) and the body would face nerve disorder.
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