Twelve Interests


I added this picture because basketball is my favorite sport and it means a lot to me.

Job Opportunities: Professional basketball player, and Coach

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I added this picture because I use it to send pictures to my friends, and some family.
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Warriors Basketball

I love the warriors they are my favorite NBA team.

Job Opportunities: Owner of the Team, or a Coach

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One Direction

They are one of my favorite bands and i love listening to their music.

Job opportunities: Manager, and stylists

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I thought this picture was really pretty. I also liked the colors in this picture.

Job Opportunities: Photographer, Florist

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5 Seconds of Summer

They are also one of my favorite bands and their music is amazing. I love listening to it.
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Glacier National Park

I really liked this picture. I also really want to visit this National Park.

Job Opportunities : Photographer, and Park Ranger

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Pretty Little Liars

I added this picture because the actors and actresses on this show are some of my favorite. I also love this show.
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I love going to the beach and to look out at the ocean. This picture looks calm and peaceful.
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I love to listen to music when I'm at home or doing my homework. It calms me down and makes everything better.

Job Opportunities: Music Producer, or Song Writer

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Taylor Swift

I Love listening to her music, and she is really inspirational.
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I love to go on Instagram.
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