survivor skills


what to bring when your in the Canadian wilderness

1. bring lots of lighter to make a fire

2. weapons to take done wild animals and hunting

3.bring lots of food to eat when theirs no animals around

4. bring lots of water and kool-aid to brink

5. bring a tint or things to make a cabin to be safe from some animals

6. bring lots of Jordan's shoes and timberland and hiking shoes to walk in the mud if it rains

7. bring only sweat panes but no shorts so you do not get cold

8. bring sweat shirts and two coats so your arms will not be messed up by the thorns

9. bring 100 first aid kits with every medison in the world in case something bad happened

10.bring a pot in case you run out of water so you can boil more water

11. bring lots of ammo in case u run out

12. bring some socks so your feat will not get cold

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what berries not to eat

Holly berries

Daphne berries

privet berries

POKE-WEED berries

what berries to eat

blue berries


elder berries

high bush cranberries