Mrs. Dickau's Classroom News

March 18

Upcoming Dates

March 18- Mrs. Koch comes

March 19- Conferences

March 21- Conferences

March 21 - We have earned Pizza & a Movie

March 21 - Leprechaun Bingo - Don't forget to send your prizes.

March 22- March 29 No School

April 22 & 23 MCA Reading

April 30 & May 2 MCA Math

BOOK PROJECTS- We're on to the next one

Students are very ready for the next Book Project. I think they saw what could be done on projects and are eager to bump up to the next level of quality. Most students are already reading their next book and have an idea what they would like to do. They must know this information by Tuesday the 19th. The Book Projects are due on April 4th.



What's Happening in Math Right Now?

We tested Unit 8 at the end of last week and will begin Unit 9. Percent, dividing decimals and probability are all skills we will explore in this unit.

What to practice on-line is always the answer to this question. There is an additional site that will be valuable as we continue our focus on the upcoming MCA tests. Under math in our website is a link called MCA III. This gives sample problems. You will be able to see what kind of problems your child will be asked to solve. Even though we will work on this site together, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing several times. That way the strategy is internalized.

We have earned a Pizza & Movie Party.

We have been working on this goal since Thanksgiving. We set goals that are connected to behavior. 100% of our class has their supplies ready to go. We have walked into the classroom quietly and are ready to start. We received a compliment. Certain individuals met a goal.

We will be watching "Despicable Me." A donation of $2.25 will cover the cost of the pizza. Each child will receive 2 pieces of pizza. You are welcome to send a drink and a little more to eat if you think more is needed.

Reading ---We're making iBooks


Spelling Core Words Unit 25:

snow, rain, suddenly, leaves, easy

Unit 6 Week 2

Reading Theme: The Cricket in Times Square

Reading Vocabulary Words: wistfully, eavesdropping, scuffling, acquaintance, jumble, scornfully, logical

Reading Strategy: Context Clues

Reading Skills: Theme

Grammar Skill: Comparing wit Adverbs

Writing Lesson: Research Project

Writing Lesson: We are almost done with our Tall Tales. We are entering our final version onto iPads and creating eBooks. They are very cool!!!!!