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January 11, 2016

Curriculum Update and Information

Reading-The students will take their fifth grade level Cold Read Monday, January 11th. We have been working on reading questions for understanding as well as eliminating answers that are obviously incorrect. Starting Tuesday, the students will have the opportunity to revisit finding and citing the author’s evidence. We continue to strive for restating the question, fully answering all parts of the question, and giving quality effort to punctuation and spelling when the word is provided. The Author’s Evidence DG will be given the week of January 18th. Students will also resume working with the Front Row reading program as well as Classworks on a nightly (Mon-Thurs) basis. Additionally, Dr. Shaw and I will be fusing social studies content into the reader’s workshop rotation. I will follow her content based lessons to reiterate reading skills such as location information and comparing texts. A focus on the Panama Canal will begin next week.

Grammar-The students will continue their study of perfect tense verbs. Depending on their grasp, a DG may be given at the end of next week. Ask your child to “show off” their knowledge of how to form each of the tenses in their own “perfect way.”

Writing- A focus on informational writing by citing evidence will be assessed the week of January 18th, however next week, we will analyze a prompt in order to ensure that the students comprehend the task assigned as well as how to properly cite their text evidence. We will conclude the prompt centered on the pestilence known as the stinkbug. A way to support from home is to ask your child to provide facts when speaking about non-fiction topics.

Greek/Latin Roots- The DG for the leg/lig/lect roots will be given Wednesday, January 13th. The next roots will be sol/mon. All root words for the marking period are available on Quizlet.

Math-Next week in math, we will wrap up the division of fractions by whole numbers and whole numbers by fractions using visual models to prove our thinking as well as the standard algorithms. A daily grade is tentatively planned for Friday.

Science- In science, we will continue to study magnification. The students will complete their "brochure" posters about microscopy in class. We will have a graded lab using microscopes on Wednesday.

Social Studies- In social studies, the students will begin the week learning about the Progressive Movement at the turn of the century. Then we will examine the causes of the Great War, also known as World War I. The class will also study the changes in technology that came with this war followed by the end of the war. Look for a test on chapter six by the 22nd. We will have a daily grade next week on civic responsibilities. Students will use a passage provided and their textbooks to answer the questions.

From Dr. Shaw:

Projects for the Jackson Science Fair are due two short weeks away on the 21st. Your child needs to bring in his or her science journal for the project to Mrs. Blankenshipto check their progress. Students who do that by Tuesday, the 12th, are eligible to receive a free tri-fold board to set their project up on. You must come to the school on either Wednesday or Thursday after dismissal in order to get your free display board. Again, only students who have brought their log in are eligible.

Dr. Shaw is requesting that any student with a tablet or phone download a QR reader app for their device. The app is free for both Apple and android devices. We are using QR codes to check our work in math - another great way to introduce technology!

Additional information:

· The second marking period report card is in today’s Friday Folder. Please keep the contents inside the envelope and return the signed envelope Monday.

· Within your student's 1st semester report card, you will find a copy of his/her 2014-15 Georgia Milestones Individual Student Report. On the school's web page, you will find The Georgia Milestones Parent Guide. This is designed to help you understand the Individual Score Report. Should you have further questions, please contact me.

· The permission slip and payment information for the fifth grade field trip is in your child’s Friday Folder. Our field trip is scheduled for February 2nd. Two parents will be needed to assist as chaperones. Please take a look at the permission slip and email me if you are interested. If more than two parents volunteer, I will place the names in a hat and draw two names. If you are interested, please let me know by Friday, January 15th. If you are paying online, please make sure to print and send in the receipt so that I may keep track of payments. Thank you!

Please access my eClass white board for links that provide information regarding the Lego Robotics Club as well as the Drama Club's audition information for Peter Pan.