All about me

My family

Hola! My name is Gabriella Linda Flores but you can call me Gabby. I'm sixteen years old as of right now but in November 9 I will be seventeen years old. I'm the youngest of my family, which include my two sisters and my brother and my mom and dad. I love kids and i am blessed to gave have the 5 most adorable nieces and nephews. They mean so much to me. This year, two of nieces begin pre-school together and it made me realize that they are growing up so fast.

YFN Memory

The most memorable memory i have, has to definitely be going to YFN camp this last summer. It was a total LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE. I got to meet new friends, be away from home for a week, hear from some of the greatest preachers ever, worship with a live band, and most importantly reconnect my relationship with God. Ever since YFN, I'm honestly not the same person as i was before, i feel better than ever. And I'm truly blessed to be able to have the opportunity to go to YFN.


I love Giraffes! They are just so beautiful to me. I honestly get to so excited when we go see them at the zoo. In fact, my room is currently decorated in a pink and brown safari theme and i have several pictures of animal and of course of giraffes. So i guess you could say that giraffes are indeed my favorite animals.


I honestly don't quite have a hobby that i do. I use to be a GG for the high school my freshmen and sophomore year. But i still do enjoy dancing when i get the chance too. I honestly begin mentally choreographing dances in my mind each time i listen to a song. However, I also love baking. I love to bake cupcakes, and different types of cakes. I love baking my friends and family cupcakes when it's their birthday, but sometimes i just love to bake just for fun.