Motor Club Of America

Need Security for your Auto insurance? MCA is the answer

Motor Club of America

MOTOR CLUB OF AMERICA PRODUCTS: "Consumer benefits ranging from Discounts on Dental Service to Legal Assistance, at a cost of $19.95 a month with a total coverage for members around $150,000 and access to ..."

1) 24/7 sign and go road side assistance

2) Towing up to 100 miles

3) Emergency Room Benefits

4) Hospitalization Benefits

5) Bail Bond 25,000

6) Arrest Bond 500

7) Accidental Death Benefits

8) Hotel Discounts

9) Car Rental Discounts

10) Travel Planning

11) Travel Assistance

12) Dental Discounts

13) Prescription Discounts

14) Vision Care Discounts

15) Credit Card Protection up to 1,000

16) Attorney Fees up to 3,000

17) Emergency Travel and Living Expenses

18) Touring and Travel Service

19) 5,000 Stolen Vehicle Reward

20) Lawyer Service for Vehicle Damage Matters

21) Lawyer Service for Auto Manslaughter, Auto Assault, and Battery