Help give homes to homeless

I am making an invention I will have handed out in Mexico

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Please help me make this dream of mine come true

Hello, I've been trying for a couple months now to make this dream become reality. I've tried multiple Gofundmes, Facebook campaign, and now this. What I plan to do is make a backpack with an integrated sleeping mat and small tent like tunnel to provide a comfortable way for homeless to sleep. I've contacted multiple sponsors with no prevail. Please help. This is most likely my last choice of fundraising the money for this. All I ask of you is to make a small donation or at least share this with the people you know. If this manages to go viral, just know that I could thank all of you who would donate.
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This is a campaign I started a while ago that still hasn't raised anything.

Contact information


I would prefer text messages, but if you need to call me then go ahead.

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Quick photoshop of what I plan to do

That was a picture I just made of what I plan to do. The tunnel will be more professional than that, but that's the main idea. As well as having some sort of mattress in or under the tunnel. If you have any suggestions please contact me on anyrhing you think could help my campaign. Once again, thank you for your time.
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This is what I plan to buy for the set.

I've been looking around the Internet when I saw this and emidiately thought of my project. I can use this in my project for easy storage for a nice blanket.
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Custom tents

This is a great service I've found out about online. They make custom tents with advertising. I could use advertising if I get sponsors from companies and put on the tunnels. If they can, I would like to team up with them to have them produce the tunnels I need for my project.
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This will be my campaign logo from now on.

It's not much, but I think it will add some professionalism to my campaign.

I've decided to make a google slide to promote my idea.

New plan

I have changed my plan for the better. What my new idea is still goes with the same sort of concept but will also be useful for the non-homeless. Once again, it's still going with the same sort of concept. It's going to be a backpack with a tent still, but will be lots better. What I'm thinking of is 4 curved plastic "boards" on each side that get progressively smaller so they fit together. It will include a tarp-like sheet that pull over the all the plastic making a tent. I'm also still thinking of including the pocket blanks I found online. If you have any ideas or feedback please tell me in the comments or you could contact me at 208-305-1084