to doTERRA Team Strickland!

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We are so excited that you have decided to be a part of our doTERRA family. Whether you are a direct contact of ours, or further down our team, we would love to support you!

Take a look below at some of the basic information as you get started on your doTERRA journey to healthy!

Learning Resources

Our favorite resource for using the oils to support natural health is the Essential Life book. You can find it on Amazon or My Oil Life. I love looking up different oil supports for different body systems. I also love that I can look up different recipes for cooking, cleaning, beauty and that support my overall wellness.

You can also find the Essential Life eBook and App here. This is great for on-the-go.

Find detailed information on doTERRA products at doTERRA University. The Living section will tell you all about the products. You will find Product Information Pages that you can download to your computer. These pdfs are very handy to have on hand. There are also videos & powerpoints. The Sharing section will tell you about sharing oils with friends and family. The Building section is for learning how to build a doTERRA business.

I love the doTERRA Blog. I get a lot of my favorite DIY recipes on there, information about upcoming events, and lots of tips! This is a great place for information.

A great resource for pregnancy is a book called Pregnancy, Birth and Babies by Stephanie Fritz. She exclusively walks through doTERRA essential oils. You can find this book on Amazon or Aromatools.

A great resource for seeing how all the oils affect your emotions is the book Emotions and Essential oils. You can find this book on Amazon or Aromatools.

If you are more of a science mind, you may enjoy looking at the doTERRA Science Blog. This has some great information about the science and the oils.


Our team is invested in sharing essential oils with others. These essential oils have transformed our familiy and we love seeing them change other people's lives. Contact us about hosting a class so we can share the power of essential oils with your friends and family. That is the best FREE gift you can give others. We love giving out FREE product to our hostesses.

You can also earn FREE product just by being a loyal doTERRA customer. In addition to saving 25% by being a wholesale customer you can earn 10-30% in FREE product by enrolling in the Loyalty Rewards Program and placing an order every month. Here is a great video that explains more: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TZ6CkYENmg0

Wondering how to get started? Here is a great video showing you how to get started. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tnpmdTK2bfw

You are going to love getting your favorite oils for FREE. If you need help or have questions, contact us for more information.

Other Supplies You May Need

When using essential oils, you will often use a carrier oil to dilute, especially for kiddos. We love fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil.

  • Fractionated coconut oil is coconut oil that stays in liquid form. It is a very affordable carrier oil. We like to buy it from doTERRA.
  • Jojoba is great for skin and even beards. This is used often in beauty recipes. We buy ours on Amazon.
  • A great choice for kiddos is sweet almond oil. This carrier is very moisturizing to the skin. We buy ours on Amazon.
  • Black walnut oil is also great for cleansing and detoxifying. You can find this carrier here on Amazon.

We use roller bottles, glass spray bottles (2oz. 4oz. & 16oz.) and glass jars to put our oils in. We often will keep a supply on hand. We buy in bulk and may have what you are looking for for a cheaper price. If you need any help, contact us.

doTERRA carries pre-diluted rollers called the Touch rollers. Currently this is what is available.

We also love our 5/8 drams. They are a great way to take your oils on the go. You can purchase a cute little keychain from your doTERRA online office to carry your drams with you.

You can find really awesome diffuser necklaces online. These are a great way to experience the essential oils aromatically throughout the day. Many families love to send these to school with their children that need essential oil support during the day. I love the stainless steel ones like this one.

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Get Connected

We are one of the founders of a group called LUNK. Our focus is to help support families with Real Living without the Junk. You can find support and information in all kinds of ways.

  • Check out our website to request information or to see our upcoming online and local classes. We have classes every week.
  • Check out our Facebook page to get connected. We have a specific topic each month we focus on. This is a great way to ask questions too.
  • Join our Team Facebook page to find support in using your Essential Oils. This is a great community where you can ask questions and learn more.
  • Find help with all things natural at our main Facebook page LUNK: Real Living without the Junk. We share recipes, research and have discussions about all kinds of health topics. This is a great resource if you or someone you know is looking for help in eating right and exercise.
  • Access all kinds of our favorite information, recipes and research on Pinterest.
  • We are also on Twitter & Instagram! Check us out!

doTERRA Contact

doTERRA Customer Service

(800) 411-8151


Product Support


You can also access a chat box online from your doTERRA Online Office. Find it on your shop tab and on the right under your cart http://www.mydoterra.com

Our Contact Info

Again, welcome to our team! If we have not contacted you yet about setting up a wellness consult, please get in contact with us this week! We look forward to supporting you on this journey to healthy.

Wishing You Well,

Ben & Rachael Strickland

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