Vote For The Columbian Exchange

By::Maddox Blunschi

What is the columbian Exchange?

The Columbian Exchange is a trade between the new world and the old world!A negative effect of the Columbian Exchange is the disease like small box. Another negative effect in the Columbian Exchange is, during the columbian Exchange they traveled to the west indies and brought people to America then made them their slaves.Another negative effect is the diseases. Also the potatoes had a fungus on them that killed people.A positive effect is during the Columbian exchange when they sailed to the west indies then brought people to America and made them slaves and they did their work. I know what you are thinking how is that a positive effect well because the slaves helped them make houses and forms for crops. Another positive effect is the horses because if we didn't have horses before cars we wouldn't be able to travel or carry heavy stuff.

The reason why I'm voting for the Columbian Exchange is because, if we did not have the Columbian Exchange before we had cars we probley wouldn't be able to travel as well. If we did not have the horses that were Exchanged then it would be hard for us to travel and carry heavy stuff. So if we didn't have the horses that were in the Columbian Exchange we probley would not be able to travel has well before cars.