Word Study

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Word Study

Word study provides students with opportunities to investigate and understand the patterns in words. Knowledge of these patterns means that students needn't learn to spell one word at a time. (D. Leipzig)

Word study is also designed to build word knowledge that can be applied to both reading and spelling (Henderson, 1992; Zutell, 1998). Because it is closely tied to reading instruction, it also develops students' abilities in phonics, word recognition, and vocabulary (Baker, 2000).(D. Leipzig)

Stages of Spelling Development:
  • Precommunicative Stage
  • Semiphonetic Stage
  • Phonetic Stage (Kdg-1)
  • Transitional Stage ((1-3)
  • Correct Stage (2-...)

source: http://www.readingrockets.org/article/word-study-new-approach-teaching-spelling

Purposes of Work Work

  • able to transfer word knowledge to their reading and spelling/writing
  • develop word knowledge
  • explore patterns that are within words
  • develop knowledge ability to spell high frequency words
  • become familiar with common spelling patterns
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Common Materials within Word Work Station




stamp pads


scrabble letters/letter tiles

phonogram tiles

puffy letters


colored pencils/markers

bendy sticks

mega blocks w/ letters on them

paint tile strips

tongue depressors

The Quick Word booklets

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Some More Activities

Read the Room:

collect words from around the room with specific qualifications

Lunch Box Letters

word family/phonogram card is attached to bottom of lunch box

& letter tiles are also in there to spell the word and then record it on paper

Word Ladders


Puzzle Pieces w/ letters on them

connect to make words

write a word onto a puzzle; break it apart; student will have to put the puzzle

together to form the word

Tongue Depressors
color and write words on either end to rhyme (similar to Dominos)

Word Wall activities

Word Wall Flaps

Fold an index card in half. Student will write word on front.

Lift up and write a sentence using the word

Interactive Writing

Similar to Cloze writing but the sight words are missing &/or caps and

punctuation. Student fills-in missing words

Spell Sight Words w/ letter tiles

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Active learning has been defined as “any instructional method that engages students in the learning process, and requires students to perform meaningful learning activities, and to think about what they are doing” (Prince, 2004).