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Scared of Lonely by Jana Nicole Pauldo

When nineteen year old Sharise Watkins becomes involved in a relationship with her brother, she finds herself being tormented by a mortal sin mentally, sexually, and emotionally. She is left with life-long damaging effects that destroy her inner soul causing her to reflect on her perception of reality, the loneliness she feels without love, and learning who to love. Scared of Lonely tells the story of a girl who is succumbed to temptation by incest, when her secrets are revealed, her quest for happiness is put at a screeching halt. Sharise becomes obsessed with being involved with her brother and by giving into the allure of temptation, she soon finds that she may be in too deep to be pulled up.

Now You Wanna Come Back 3: The Finale

RAYSHON AND LEILA has been through it all and has survived it all. Stronger than ever they stand together and take on the challenges of raising Karen s son, a love crazed teenager, all while Leila takes on a new business venture that Rayshon suggested she should try, that he later regrets. DEVON yearns for love. After hurting Leila, a failed marriage with Christa and an affair with Janelle, Devon now is ready to have someone he can call his own, but does he look for love in the wrong place? Alicia Green sexy and single catches his eye and he finds himself falling for her, only to find out that Alicia has secrets that may send Devon running away from love. Even though KERRY AND JANIECE are proud new parents, all is well until K.P. hires Robin, a sexy young assistant who is interested in more than her secretarial duties. How you get him is how you will lose him is the saying and Janiece feels that her marriage could be in jeopardy because her husband refuses to see Robin for who she is. JULIAN AND KENNEDY are still the power couple that works hard and plays hard and they are still madly in love. Tragedy hits home when Kennedy gets a call saying her dad has suffered a heart attack and his death reveals a family secret that Kennedy has to find a way to move on from

Get to know Tori Turner- debut book drops May 7th

14 year old Victoria Jonquil Turner, affectionately known by most as “Tori Turner” is a native of New Orleans, LA. Tori is an author, entrepreneur, teen queen, motivational speaker, model, and aspiring actress. As an author with Atlanta based Delphine Publications, Tori released her first inspirational book, “When I Decided to D.R.E.A.M. BIG" along with the "D.R.E.A.M. Journal.” As an entrepreneur, Tori started her company, T Star Entertainment, Inc. at 13 years old and founded the Tori Turner's D.R.E.A.M. BIG Foundation at 12 years old. Tori has modeled for several companies and is currently the teen spokesmodel for Diva Couture Cosmetics (California) and Bella Dame Bijoux (New Orleans, LA). Tori reigned as the 2012 Miss Black Louisiana USA Talented Teen. As a motivational speaker with Young Black Minds, LLC (Las Vegas, Nevada) Tori travels the US encouraging other teen's to pursue their dreams on purpose and with purpose. Tori's message to others is to always D.R.E.A.M. BIG, believe in God and yourself and you can do anything you set your heart and mind to.

Visit her at

Twitter: @Tori_Turner

Cookie Book Series Book Chat/Signing

Friday, May 3rd, 7pm

The Dock bookshop 6637 Meadowbrook Dr. Fort Worth, TX 76112 817-457-5700

Meet and greet with Tamika Newhouse and Dee Shana in Fort Worth as they discuss the books Cookie a Fort Worth Story and Cookie Too Lyric's Story.

Team Delphine heads to Essence

Follow the fun as e head to New Orleans for the Bayou Soul Writers and Readers Conference.

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