Teens and the media

How the portrayal of women can lower self esteem in teens

Media and teenage girls

Media has been around for decades, but it is mainly nowadays that it is targeting many groups of people such as young teenage girls individually. Media portrayal of women affects the self esteem of teenage girls negatively.

How does the media portrayal of women affect the self-esteem of teenage girls?


According to a source from Huffington post.com, the media affects almost all teens on a daily basis, media is found on tv, magazines, advertisements, cellphones and almost everywhere we go. Another source from Researchgate.com, states that the photo shopped advertisements on magazine covers can cause young girls to have a bad body image and start dieting, this usually ends in a body disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. Luckily, a source from nobullying.com is very helpful in trying to resolve this world wide problem of bad self esteem in teenage girls, the article on the website gives a lot of tips on how girls can raise their self esteem.

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