concentration camps

Worldwar ii

has there every been a rebelion at a camp if so when and were ?

one took place in the middle of bad winter called death marches(what they prefere to call it).Treblinka August 2, 1943 many went straight to death. Many copied keys to the weapon storage and the gasoline. August 2 disinfectent was exchanged with gasoline. Resisters set fires to the building .150 escaped 100 were hunted . the area was turned into a farm later on .

identify the first,worst,and most dangerous camp?

Ashwits was the worst camp,yet there were many others that were harsh but not as much like Ashwits. Ashwits was a death camp and a slave laybor complex. during WorldWar II Ashwits killed about 1.25 million people.

tell me how the guards kept the prisoners from escaping the camps?

guards used under ground microphones to hear for any digging. Hitler's followers built electric fences around the perimeter of the camps, and these fences consist of barbwire, electric wire, and metal post. Some times to make sure they don't dig under the fences they put barbwire under the fences so they get cut and stuck under the fences so they get caught

Shlomo Venezia

  • Born: December 29, 1923 in Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Died: October 01, 2012 in Rome, Italy
  • Nationality: Italian
  • Occupation: Holocaust survivor

After war he settled in Rome with his wife and 3 kids. His cousin was at Auschwitz with him so he tried to save him from the gas chamber and nursed him to health. Not long after he got there he learned about their murder routine. They would say that after you showered they would feed you a big meal. He arrived at Auschwitz on April 11, 1944 on his first day at Auschwitz he saw gas chambers and what they did so he followed the rules to avoid gas chambers. His job was to let out the gas and had to work for the Nazis 12 hours a day week after week, when hundreds worked before him. He said, "We had turned into robots, obeying orders while trying not to think , so we can survive a few hours longer. no one can grasp on the logic of the camp."

they had this on basically every building to show that Jews are not allowed

by:leticia martinez


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