People should choose peace over violence.

A few examples to support my theme are...

"Tut, man, one fire burns out another's burning;

One pain is lessened by another's anguish;

Turn giddy, and be holp by backward turning;

Take thou some new infection to thy eye;

And the rank poison of the old will die"(R&J 1002). This quote shows that you should just move on than grieve about it.

"I do keep the peace. Put up thy sword, Or manage it to part theses men with me"(R&J 995). This quote shows its better to make peace and to fight.
"Part, fools! Put up your swords. You know not what you do"(R&J 995).

Its is again a lot more wise to make peace than to be violent.

one final example is

"I pray thee, good Mercutio, let's retire. The day is hot, the Capulets abroad, And if we meet, we shale not escape a brawl, For now, these hot days, is the hot blood stirring" (R&J 1044). Benvolio thinks they should leave because its very hot and he doesn't want to get in a fight with the Capulets.