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How an Industrial Hopper Can Increase Production

Investing in heavy-duty industrial hoppers may help increase production and minimize downtime. Custom, specialty, and self-dumping hoppers are designed to suit a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. They come in different sizes and have different capacities, too. These products can be customized in terms of color and additional special features to make sure that they can meet the unique requirements of your business.

An industrial hopper is made of high-quality steel. For example, 2,000-4,000 lbs capacity self-dumping hopper has a 10 and 12 gauge steel body, and it is good for light duty loads like construction debris, wood, plastics, paper, aluminum cans, lightweight recyclables, and metal turnings.

Self-dumping hoppers come in larger load capacities for more rugged and demanding applications. A 4,000 to 8,000 lbs. capacity hopper, for instance, can handle heavy materials without compromising its durability and strength. Look for this type of hopper that is made of thick seven-gauge carbon steel, with a strong, heavy-duty box tube base, double bottom support channels and back angles for extra reinforcement on the body, a continuous stop bar, and base to body chains. These features are ideal for applications like the handling of construction materials, coal, ash, glass, stampings, metal scraps, and sand. Larger industrial hoppers can safely handle loads that are 8,000 to 10,000 lbs. The bodies are made of 1/4” carbon steel to ensure the safe handling of materials like minerals, heavy construction materials, concrete, hot ash, castings, forgings, and glass.

These industrial hoppers make it easier to transport, keep, or dispose of items and rubbish safely and properly. They are handy for increasing the safety of the job site or in the workplace, too. However, it is important to invest in high-quality industrial hoppers that can provide all these benefits to your business. Look up reputable manufacturers of industrial hoppers online and make sure that they are known for their products and excellent customer service. One of the leading manufacturers of materials handling products in the US has been around since 1915, making them one of the pioneers when it comes to the highest-quality industrial hoppers.

High-quality industrial hoppers are continuously welded on the inside for superior strength. They come with an exclusive pierced and extruded trunnion track and taper pins for superior tracking and wear resistance. If you are looking for a durable industrial hopper, make sure that it has support channels, which will provide additional reinforcement on the body. Consider a model that comes with a secure latch and a formed top construction for optimum strength and reinforced durability.

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This article is written by Mike Genter, who is associated with Roura Material Handling. Roura Material Handling produces a large variety of self dumping hoppers including durable hoppers, rugged hoppers, ultimate hoppers, behemoth hoppers as well as custom and specialty dumping hoppers for both commercial and industrial use.