Thank You for the Interview

Wanda Manning + COB Intern Advisor Position = GREAT MATCH!

Micki Benz & Jodi Carlson

It was a pleasure connecting with the both of you on Wednesday. The position you described to me sounds like an exciting opportunity. I would love to join your team and help take that position and the internship program to the next level. I love a challenge and I have the skills, knowledge, abilities, and drive to help COB students be successful. When students succeed, we all succeed.

Skills I will Bring to the Position!

Experience I Bring to the Position

I have experience working with students - helping them to achieve their academic and career goals. I have experience as an employment recruiter - understanding what employers are looking for in new hires and interns. I have experience building client relationships - developing successful projects exceeding expectations.

I look forward to talking to you again.