Christopher Columbus was the one to find out the earth is round.the earth is green and blue.Yuri Gagarin was the first comernaut in space.Yuri was also the first man in space.It was june,20,1969 as Neil Armstrong and buzz Aldrin were leaving earth in Flordia.they were going to become the first men on the moon in the apollo 11 in a German shuttle.
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Werher Von Braun

werher was a Nazi until the end of world war 2.we gave him 3 choices to go with the russians or with us he went with us. werher became leader of NASA and built the apollo11.the ship above.he lead neal armstong and buzz Aldrin to the moon.

4 seasons

the earth is tilted and it also orbits so when it orbits and we are tilted away from the sun then its winter if we are tilted near the sun then its summer if we are orbiting away from summer then it is spring if we are otbiting away from spring then it is fall

Earth inner planet

Earth is a inner is the third planet from the sun it is made of rock and metal.

cold war

the cold war started when the russians shot sputnic in space the cold war started the space race.
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