President Jackson: Hero or Villian

By : Nick H, Nick D and Austin H

Jacksonian Democracy and universal white male suffrage

  • Jacksonian Democracy is the political movement toward greater democracy for the common man typified by american politician Andrew Jackson and his supporters

  • Was factionalized in the 1820s

  • They were against the Wings and the anti-Jacksonian factions

  • They believed that all white men should be able to vote

  • By 1820 male suffrage was the norm

Spoils system

  • Spoils system is when you place political supporters into appointed offices aka supporters get the goods

  • They thought it was good because it would encourage the common man to go into politics

  • It was made famous in a speech made in 1832 by Senator William Marcy

  • The spoils system abused the power of many

  • It got the winning party many goods, another way it abuses the power.

Indian relocation/trail of tears

  • The Indian Removal Act was signed into law by Andrew Jackson on May 28, 1830.

  • Let Indians get land unsettled in the west in exchange for indian land in state borders.

  • A few tribes went peacefully but many resisted this act.

  • During the fall and winter of 1838 and 1839, the cherokees were forcibly pushed towards the west.

  • About 4,000 cherokee indians died on the march towards the west, which is now called The Trail of Tears.

Trail of abominations

Jackson imposed a tax that angered the south and it was not an affordable tax.

Bank war

The conflict between jackson and the government with wanting a 2nd bank. Jackson thought the bank we already have and it will work, but the congress wanted one even thought there was a lot of public opposition for the bank.

Peggy Eaton affair

Peggy cheated on her husband john to be with jackson and it turned into a giant sex scandel just like the hillary and bill clinton scandel

Role in war of 1812

  • Appointed major general and sent to New Orleans to help the city defend against the British

  • His army won (the tennessee volunteers) won the battle causing the british to leave

  • was known as the “hero of New Orleans” after the victory

  • helped boost the United States of America's morale

  • After the war was won he started his political run on his way to being the 7th president

”king Andrew I” Nickname

  • vetoed the bank bill

  • people said that he abused the power of the president

  • people made a cartoon of the president to mock him

  • was found nothing shorter than a dictator

  • used his popularity and power


  • had a 1,000 acre farm

  • at first owned 9 slaves

  • 25 years later he had over 100 from purchasing

  • when he died he had owned 150 slaves

  • the people who worked at the hermitage did not know how to write a single word

Hero or Villian? Why?

Villain because he did what he wanted and didn't care who he hurt. He sent Native Americans on a walk to their death. About 4,000 Cherokee Indians died on the walk to the west. He cheated on his wife and used his power to become president. People even called him "King Andrew I" because he acted like a dictator.